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TLI testing in India

For those in India struggling with a dog that they suspect has EPI….. there is now a place in India that DOES perform the TLI test ….

Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital

Address: #148, HBCS, Amar Jyothi Layout, KGA Road, Off Intermediate Ring Road, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071, India

Phone:+91 80 3016 1324

as of April 2016, the estimated cost is 2000 Indian Rupees (which is about $30 in USA dollars)

There is also a vet, Dr. Srikanth : Address: No.38/27, 1st A Cross, 5th Block, 3rd Phase, Near Kamakya Theatre,, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085, India that understands and has a good reputations working with EPI dogs.

Phone:+91 98440 57919

In India, one of our members, Samir, created a “WhatsUp” group to help those in India with their EPI dogs.
Please contact Samir at:  USA no # 1 312 854 9501 for assistance.