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Run out of Enzymes  …. and  need enzymes in a hurry ???

Sometimes we need a back-up plan for enzymes because we do not have enough enzymes to carry us through until our order of enzymes comes in.



Sometimes someone may want to start their dog on some sort of enzymes until their porcine pancreatin enzymes comes in.

What to do???

If you need enzymes ASAP, you can go to any health food store, your local pharmacy or even Walmart and ask for digestive products made with 4x porcine pancreatin enzymes. Although not the exact potency that is recommended, these enzymes are close enough in the desired amount that they should “sustain” your EPI dog for a few days until you can secure the appropriate enzymes

If you cannot get an over the counter product made with 4x porcine pancreatin enzymes, the next best thing you can do is buy plant enzymes and be prepared to use much more than what is suggested on the bottle.  Although not ideal, it should help to some degree until you receive the appropriate enzymes.

Some of those products are:

Vital Pancreatic Enzymes has 35,500 USP units of Lipase, etc.  (porcine pancreas) can be purchased at Amazon

Some Examples: