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Cost Savings Enzyme Tip


First I would like to thank various members of the Epi4Dogs Fdn Inc Forum for sharing their experiences on the Epi4Dogs FORUM.  It is because of these folks we often come up with new ideas, tips and/or tricks that help us take better care of our EPI pets when there are issues and/or many suggestions may actually save us money.   

Recently we have found that dogs that refuse to take powdered enzymes appear to do just fine with Enzyme Diane’s 6x powdered enzymes, or other appropriate powdered enzymes poured into enteric coated empty gel caps (not regular empty gel caps). We did the calculations and two 00 size enteric coated gel caps (filled 3/4 of the way) appears to have the same potency needed to digest 1 cup of food as one tsp of 6x powdered enzymes. In essence you can use less enzymes because the enteric coating of the gel cap protects the powdered enzymes from having some of it destroyed by pH/acid going down the digestive tract….

One real life example (by Beatrice) :  It does save money on enzymes. 1 kilo used to last me 4 months using the incubation method. Now 1 kilo lasts me from 6 to 8 months. But the cost of capsules and most important, time to prepare the capsules may outweigh the savings in enzymes. For me, the convenience of no incubation period (especially on the road) and no stinky muzzle are just worth the hassles.”

SO….according to Epi4Dogs calculations :

If two “00” enteric coated capsules are filled 3/4 of the way (equaling the effectiveness of 1 tsp of powdered enzymes) you will still have 5/8 tsp (1/2 tsp + 1/8 tsp) left over enzymes from that 1 tsp of enzymes.

By using enteric coated gel caps for the proper powdered porcine enzyme you use a pinch less than 1/2 the amount of enzymes you normally would.  This calculation agree’ s with Beatrice’s example above😊.

Of course, you still have to figure in the cost of the enteric coated gel caps. The caps appear to range in price from $22 to $36 for 1,000 enteric coated capsules (as of April 2024)

 Although I have no idea how much this would save you…. since you would have to add in the cost of enteric coated gel caps based on how many capsules you would use in a day….. BUT… this might be something to try… and calculate if it saves you money.  Of course, as with any new technique, please do a trial to see if this works for your  EPI dog. Some may need more or less powdered enzymes packed into enteric coated capsules or it may not work for your dog… but again, might be worth trying.    

Resources are listed below:

Enteric coated capsules

$22.00 for 1,000 capsules

HPMC delayed-released capsules from Capsuline. Size 0: 

$23.50 for 1,000 capsules

$36 for 1,000 capsules

Capsule fillers:

Capsule filling machine:

or make your own Capsule filling machine (via Epi4dogs mbr, Maureen):

“My Brynn stopped eating very early on because Tylan was on her food. So I got “00” gelatin capsules from a compound pharmacy, a block of florist foam from the dollarstore (and poked holes in it with a pencil), used a cake decorator tip as a funnel and measure out 1/8 tsp Tylan per capsule. There is still some room to add a pinch more if needed. I just pop these down her throat right before her meal. ” – Maureen.”