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Below are 3 different ways of accessing/using an EPI Log template:
[(1) EPI manual handwritten log, (2) Google log, (3) Google Sheets log with charts]


Please feel free to download any of the 3 versions of an EPI Log. The EPI Log is what EPI care-givers use to help us keep track of what works for our EPI companions  … and…. an EPI Log is the best tool that we have that really helps us identify what the problem is when something goes wrong.

1. Click below for a PDF template of the EPI Log that you can download to your computer

EPI Log 8-2017


2. Below are instructions and a link to the EPI Log on Google   We would like to give a huge “thanks” to Ace’s dad, Bill, for creating the EPI Log on Google along with step-by-step instructions explaining how to access and use the Google EPI Log. With this technique you don’t have to bring any handwritten notes with you no matter where you are or go…. just access the Log on Google!

Watch video:

or follow the steps below:

1. Click on this LINK. A new tab should pop up asking if you would like to make a copy of Epi4Dogs log. If you have a google account, it will ask you to sign in or create an account.

2. Click on ‘Make a Copy’ and that page should open up the Google form of the log. Here you can make any adjustments, additions, or deletions as you see fit.

3. At the top of the form, you will see questions and responses. Click on Responses. Look for the little green symbol that signifies a Google Sheet. Click on that symbol to create a Google Sheet in your drive account. This is where all of your responses will be stored. Make sure that the name of the form and the name of the sheet match otherwise your responses will disappear and float through cyberspace.

4. At this point, you have edited the form to contain the information you want and have created the spreadsheet to match. IF everything goes to plan, you now have a form you can use to store information. If you scroll to the top right of the page, you should see what looks like an eyeball (or the CBS symbol :) ). Click on that to see a live view of how the form looks. Fill in, click submit and it should show up in the sheet you have in Drive.


3. DownLoad GOOGLE SHEETS that can be created online, tracks everything together, can create charts, and all the categories can modified and individualized according to your dog’s individual’s needs.
We now have an on-going EPI Log topic on the forum:  … if you have any questions about this log, please post and Rich will check to see if anyone needs help :).   

To watch the tutorial video on how to set up your own EPI LOG GOOGLE SHEETS:

EPI dogs data logging script Help_REV 2

UPDATE Feb 7, 2023: 
I found a limit to the number of records in the spread sheet, but it is an easy fix to increase it past 1000. I noticed when my graphs stopped drawing anything after a certain date. Just add more lines and increase the range in the graphs. see video if you need help.

A HUGE thank you to Rich D  (and his adopted GSD with EPI) for creating this all encompassing tool!

Samples from Google Sheets: