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Awareness & Credits 


Since the beginning, Epi4dogs has been very dedicated in bringing about awareness to EPI.  In 10 years, we, Epi4Dogs and it’s membership, have achieved many accomplishments in this arena and we continue to do so. So many good things have happened that we have decided to keep an on-going section to record most of the accomplishments .

Also, Epi4Dogs would like to use this space to say thanks to each and everyone of you who have made all this possible!!!


  • October 2023 Epi4Dogs presented at the GSD Nationals in Springfield, Illinois
  • March 2023 Epi4Dogs presented at DVM 360 Conference in Charlotte NC
  • February 2023 Epi4Dogs published in THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG REVIEW
  • September 2021 Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc collaborated with VETERINARY CLINICAL MEDICINE, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, “Untargeted analysis of the serum metabolome in cats with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency” published in PLOS ONE Sept 20, 2021 by Drs. Patrick C. Barko  and David A. Williams
  • June 2021 Correlation between Fecal Lipid Metabolites and EPI & SEPI dogs, UNIV OF ILLINOIS Abstract by Dr. Patrick Barko, from study with Epi4Dogs
  • August 2019 Epi4Dogs presented at the AVMA Conference in Washington, D.C.
  • November 2017 Epi4Dogs collaborated with TEXAS A&M GASTROINTESTINAL LAB on a mini research study with Slippery Elm and EPI dogs.
  • September 2017 Epi4Dogs hosted an EPI SEMINAR for the veterinarian community in the Nashville, TN area with Drs. Patrick Barko and David A. Williams.  It was a huge success with a packed house. Seminar presentations are available on the EPI Seminar page
  • June 2017 Epi4Dogs collaborated and co-authored with TEXAS A&M GASTRONINTESTINAL LAB on the research study “Dogs with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency have Dysbiosis and Abnormal Fecal Lactate and Bile Acid Concentrations” (published in the Journal of Veterinarian Medicine/ACVIM)A.B. Blake1, B.C. Guard1, J.B. Honneffer1, F.G. Kumro1O.C. Kennedy2, J.A. Lidbury3, J.M. Steiner1, J.S. Suchodolski31Gastrointestinal Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, College station, Texas, USA, College Station, TX, USA, 2Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc., Farmville, VA, Farmville, VA, USA, 3Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Texas A&M University, College station, TX, USA published in
  • June 2017 Epi4Dogs collaborated and co-authored with TEXAS A&M GASTRONINTESTINAL LAB on the research study “Fecal Fatty Acid Concentrations in Dogs with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Receiving Enzyme Supplementation” (published in the Journal of Veterinarian Medicine/ACVIM)J.B. Honneffer1, A.B. Blake1, J.C. Parambeth1O.C. Kennedy2, B.C. Guard1, J.A. Lidbury3, J.M. Steiner1, J.S. Suchodolski31Gastrointestinal Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, College station, Texas, USA, College Station, TX, USA, 2Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc., Farmville, VA, Farmville, VA, USA, 3Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Texas A&M University, College station, TX, USA
  • Epi4Dogs Spring 2017 collaborating with UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (vet school) on EPI Metabolomic Study.  Results of the study expected Spring 2018
  • Epi4Dogs presented at the AVMA 2016 CONFERENCE San Antonio, Tx

  • Epi4Dogs was favorably mentioned 5-14-2016 in the May 14, 2016 EPI article in DR. JEAN DODD’S PET HEALTH RESOURCE BLOG  “Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency”
  • Epi4Dogs was respectfully featured in an article in the October 2015 AUSTRLIAN SHEPHERD NEWS article “Joy’s Story- -a Journey with EPI” joy pdf.pdf
  • September 2015 WONDERLABS Corporation is now producing Pet Factor B12 (like Trinfac but for pets) and now recommends Epi4Dogs for support.
  • September 2015 Epi4Dogs int’l board member, Craig worked with CEVA ANIMAL HEALTH CORPORATION  (AUS div) is re-classifying the Australian product “Enzyplex” from an EPI treatment product to a health supplement. Enzyplex is a plant enzyme that is not an overly effective treatment for EPI.
  • As of August 8, 2014, Epi4dogs is now a 501c3 PUBLIC CHARITY ORGANIZATION
  • A nice mention of Epi4dogs in the August 2014 edition of CAT FANCY magazine “Pancreas Awareness” written by Stephanie Bouchard
  • Provided the German Corporation, SCHEBO with materials for their training literature on their Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency “Elastase 1-Canine” product.
  • CUMMINGS SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE AT TUFTS UNIVERSITY wrote an article in their January 2014 Newsletter about EPI, interviewed one of our members, Paula, and shared her personal EPI dog “Maya” story. Tufts also mentioned Epi4dogs as the place to go for information and guidance on EPI.
  • ACVIM FACEBOOK page, January 21. 2013, posted about ACVIM EPI Fact Sheet
  • The UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE VETERINARY LIBRARY has now included along with other pertinent EPI information in their Veterinary Research Resource Guide section:
  • The ACVIM (American College of Veterinarian Internal Medicine)  has produced an “EPI Fact Sheet” available for vets and pet owners dealing with EPI and references Epi4dogs as a quality website for information on EPI.  The ACVIM is also producing other EPI educational awareness materials to be distributed throughout various ACVIM venues for their vets/delegates. (Aug 2014-ACVIM Fact sheet currently being revised and not available at this time)
  • The ACVIM FOUNDATION posted the “EPI Fact Sheet” on their FaceBook page bringing appreciation to epi4dogs for EPI information.
  • On Jan 3, 2013, epi4dogs was iinterviewd about EPI on the ADRENALINE RADIO SHOW  radio show “Lets Talk About Dogs”  . Actual interview:
  • Epi4dogs was interviewed and then recognized in 2012 by the NEW YORK TIMES for our EPI Efforts:
  • Epi4dogs was invited by Dr. David A. Williams, MA, VetMB, PhD, to contribute by writing a chapter regarding EPI support for the Veterinarian Medical Journal, TOPICS IN COMPANION ANIMAL MEDICINE, Vol 27, Number 3, Aug 2012
  • Epi4dogs was recommended as “the best on-line EPI resource” in JAVMA (Journal of American Veterinarian Association)
  • Epi4dogs was interviewed by Purina for a PURINA publication on EPI (see the EPI Articles section )
  • Epi4dogs has been published in the Mar 2009 WHOLE DOG JOURNAL with an article on EPI Awareness
  • Epi4dogs has been published in Sept-Oct 2007 SCHUTZHUND USA with an article on EPI Awareness
  • Epi4dogs, EnzymeDiane, EPI geneticist, Dr. Leigh Anne Clarkand Dr. David A. Williams, Developer of the TLI test for EPI,  were invited to attend the 2012 ACVIM FORUM in New Orleans.
  • Epi4dogs attended the AVMA (American Veterinarian Medical Association) Convention and handed out many EPI materials to the veterinarian community and spoke to a multitude of veterinarian students about EPI.
  • Epi4dogs is is being translated into Dutch for a presence in Holland
  • Epi4dogs was contacted by a vet from University of Hannover in Germany used some of our website material to be distributed to vets in Germany for better EPI Awareness.
  • Epi4dogs was contacted by a surgeon from the The ROYAL VETERINARY COLLEGE in London, UK seeking to use some of our information for their new clinic in treating EPI.
  • Epi4dogs is currently assisting Dr. Jorg Steiner’s Gastroenterology Laboratory at TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY conducting an EPI enzyme study http://http//
  • Epi4dogs worked with and continues to work directly with the geneticists at CLEMSON UNIVERSITY (who were previously at Texas A&M University) on EPI efforts.
  • Epi4dogs is published in NAYLOR’S veterinarian educational resource directory as the source for vet students, etc. to go to for EPI information.
  • Epi4dogs has been contacted by various other honorable websites in France, Thailand, Israel, China, South America, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, England, Scotland, USA etc…where our epi4dogs awareness information has either been shared with directly or translated into another language.
  • Epi4dogs won the $5000 October 2010 PEPSI CHALLENGE in the Health Category and consequently was able to send EPI informational materials to thousands of vets all over the USA with $1,000 and donated $4,000 to Clemson Univ for EPI Research.
  • 50+ people offered to volunteer for epi4dogs to help contact over 50,000 dog-related organizations to share EPI Awareness materials was a great success!
  • countless Epi4dogs members world wide have also made an impact on EPI Awareness in their country….i know am not mentioning everyone, but the few who immediately come to mind are:

Craig (Ms. Lulupant’s companion in Australia) is literally changing the way vets treat EPI in Australia and Craig is also responsible for encouraging pet supply stores in Australia to start carrying a variety of grain-free foods for dogs!

Anderson (Bonbon’s companion in Indonesia)  has vets contacting him personally with EPI clients because they do not have the correct treatment and/or tests readily available and Anderson has learned how to manage “with out” and is helping others.

Devika (Mahi’s companion in India) well…. i’ll just share her news with you   

  I have the best news! As the ones following Mahi’s story will know – we have struggled long and hard to get the right medicines and enzymes for Mahi and we wouldn’t be where we are today –
making slow, plodding progress towards putting on weight and tackling SIBO – if it hadn’t been for all of you who have encouraged me and helped me and always pushed me so that I could
do my best for Mahi.

                   A part of our journey with EPI has been to make sure that we spread the word here in India – where this condition is largely unknown and more often than not – completely missed. I work
with my own vet here in our little town and finally, after a lot of pushing, managed to expand this to towns around us. Today I got a call from a vet who practices in a town three hours away
and we had a long discussion about EPI and how they were seeing more and more EPI-like symptoms in the dogs in this area – obviously inbreeding is playing a big part.

                   Most importantly, I seem to have convinced him to switch the enzyme from what we were using earlier (Enzar Forte) to the one you all urged me to find – Creon!! That is such a big step forward
for all the EPI dogs that are under his care!! Can you imagine how many dogs he can help? He said they were discussing EPI in the Regional Veterinarian Hospital and that he would bring up
Creon at their next meeting and also discuss SIBO and B12!!
Pats on the back all round guys! Another step forward…Devika         

Sally (Dutch’s companion in Nova Scotia)… her story:   

                 About this time last year, Dutch started to display strange behaviour.  He has always been a foody dog but his desire for food was manic.  As he associates work/training with treats, he
was working incredibly hard to earn his treats.  I knew something was wrong but everyone (including the vets) said he couldn’t be ill if he was that lively.

We suffered our worst ever snow in December last year and for the first time ever we got snowed in.  It so happened that Dutch became very ill during this time and he was wasting
away before our eyes.  It was then that I upped my efforts to diagnose the problem for myself and I found your website.  It was obvious to me what was wrong, so immediately changed
his diet to low fat/low fibre and used the only thing I had that could be construed as medicine, a slippery elm powder.  I told my husband that if the snow didn’t clear, that Dutch would
be having our Christmas turkey as that is low fat.  It didn’t quite come to that but on my insistence, when we could get out and about, Dutch was indeed diagnosed with EPI (although
for time a tumour was suspected).
               He now has regular Vitamin B injections and is on a prescription food and pancreatic enzymes.  As you can see, the dear old chap looks great. 

And last but not least, epi4dogs membership has been very active year after year raising money for EPI Research. An extra special thank you goes out to:

  • Madelon, Doc’s mom also for extraordinary monetary donations
  • Elisabeth, Riley’s mom, for assisting with the EPI Seminar 2017 in Nashville TN
  • Madelon, Doc’s mom, for hosting the EPI Seminar 2017 in Nashville TN
  • Madelon, Doc’s mom, for representing Epi4Dogs at Bark in the Park events
  • Susan, ButterBean’s mom for being the creative calendar genius creating multiple annual EPI calendars
  • Susan, ButterBean’s mom for extraordinary monetary donations
  • Dr. David A Williams, Dr. Patrick Barko, Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Dr. Kate Tsai for all their assistance with conference presentations
  • Dr. David A Williams, Dr. Patrick Barko, Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Dr. Keith Murphy, Dr. Jan Suchodolski for their research collaboration with Epi4Dogs
  • EnzymeDiane for her continued support & representation at every single EPI conference such as the ACVIM and AVMA events
  • Kelli, Addie’s mom for contributing air-miles for  Epi4dogs attendance at the 2012 ACVIM FORUM
  • Susan, ButterBean’s mom for a huge monetary contribution to Epi4dogs to also help with the 2012 ACVIM FORUM attendance
  • Susan, Butterbean’s mom for donating the entire initial batch of EPI-T-shirts to epi4dogs
  • Dr. David A Williams, Dr. Patrick Barko, Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Dr. Kate Tsai, Dr. Keith Murphy, Dr. Joerg Steiner, Dr. Cyrus, Dr. Anne Mosseler, Dr. Penney Watson who have graciously worked with and guided Epi4Dogs with proper information for the public
  • Jan, Kita’s mom, for coining the EPI phrases, “EPI, we can lick it” and “EPI Survivor”
  • Enzyme Diane, for creating the EPI Bandannas. We are also always thankful to Diane for the affordable enzymes, and continued support !
  • Susan, Butterbean’s mom, for designing the wonderful EPI T-shirts
  • Gillian, Wallace’s mom, for creating the snazzy (and much comlimented on) EPI Logo
  • Craig, Miss Lulupant’s dad, for creating the EPI Australian handout, and changing the way Australia views EPI!
  • Alyssa, Vito’s mom, for creating the silicon bracelets and charms
  • Leslie, Bella’s mom, for creating the EPI coffee mugs
  • Heather, Hamish’s mom, for creating the EPI wine, ” For the Love of Dogs”
  • Mikey, Keeper’s mom, of RugPal North, for creating EPI alert tags
  • Geralda Aubry, for writing an EPI article, published in Schutzhund USA Feb 2012
  • and to all of you who have attended events, tirelessly handing out EPI Awareness materials, writing articles in your town’s newspapers, etc….. THANK YOU!!!!!!