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An archive, resource and tribute.

For over 10 years from 2008-2018, the EPI4Dogs website and forum were hosted on another platform with a third party provider. As more and more members joined they became reliant on the forum for fast and friendly support from other guardians of EPI dogs. Over time, a vast repository of hundreds of pages of information, tips, advice and fun was created leading to an invaluable resource for owners and pet health care providers alike.

Unfortunately, due to continuing degradation of the service (often making it impossible for members to access the forum) we made the decision to redesign the website and forum from the ground up and host it independently to ensure people could always get the support they need. As the old forum could not be relocated, in July 2018, we relaunched EPI4Dogs and started a new forum, encouraging as many members as possible to sign up.

The old forum now acts both as an archive of experience and a tribute to the efforts, generosity and knowledge of members past and present. Please feel free to search the forum using its Google search feature. We will keep the old forum as an archive only for as long as possible.

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This site has literally saved our GSD’s life. Between finding out more info than my vet even knew (eg. feed 150% of diet until dog up to normal weight), referring us to enzymesdiane (without which we could not afford to treat Lucy) and giving us all the info we needed to make tasty treats for our girl, we feel her EPI is now manageable and she can have a good, long and normal life. I can’t thank you enough!

Lucy's Mom