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Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.
Organizational Structure and Reporting Chart


Executive President Madelon Hale (USA)
Executive Vice President Diane Sloan (USA)
Executive Treasurer Terry Binnion (USA)
Executive Secretary Elisabeth Mullican (USA)
Executive Research Director & Founder Olesia Kennedy (USA)


Australia Andrea R.
Craig T.
Julia R.
India Devika P.
United Kingdom Ann D. 
Fiona B.
Jean S.
Canada Tracey V.



Terry B.



Event Administrators Barb M. (USA)
Diane S. (USA)
Elisabeth M. (USA)
Olesia K. (USA)
Susan M. (USA)


Communications Director (oversees all communications) Madelon H. (USA)
Website Forum Director (oversees all aspects of forum) Jean S. (UK)
Website Forum Administratiors (assist new and existing members)

Ann D. (UK)
Barb M. (USA)
Elisabeth M. (USA)
Jill H. (USA)
Judy C. (CAN)
Susan M. (USA)

Website Forum Membership Advisers

Fiona B. (UK)
Darlene D. (USA)

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

Social Media Director Madelon H. (USA)
Social Media Administrators (assist in responding to members) Paula G. (USA)
Shirl D. (USA)
Staci W. (USA)
Susan M. (USA)
Website IT Director & Developer (manage all technical issues and integrity of the website)

Craig T. (AUS)
Website Manager Olesia K. (USA)


Andrea    AUS
Ann   UK
Barb   USA
Craig   AUS
Darlene   USA
Devika   INDIA
Diane   USA
Elisabeth   USA
Fiona   UK
Jean   UK
Jill   USA
Julie   AUS
Judy   CAN
Madelon   USA
Olesia   USA
Paula   USA requested no listing
Shirley   USA requested no listing
Staci   USA
Susan   USA
Terry   USA
Tracey   CAN