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 This page is a courtesy page dedicated to the many good vets that we, as EPI owners, have had the good fortune to come across who have been wonderful to work with and have done a great job helping us manage our dogs and their illness.

This page is by no means a conclusive list but will be a “work in progress” as more and more recommendations come
in from EPI owners.



 Dr. Ed Cohen Anthem Pet Medical Center, 42105 N 41st Drive- Suite 148, Phoenix, AZ 85086,  Phone: 623-889-7090begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            623-889-7090      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Dr. Cohen immediately recognized the signs of Jade’s disorder and ?diagnosed’ her correctly at our fist visit.

Dr. Cohen’s quick and accurate diagnosis is just one reason I will continue going to Anthem Pet Medical Center.  It’s easy to put on a smile and be pleasant but the respect and genuine care I felt from the staff for both Jade and I is rare.  Also, when Dr. Cohen was going over EPI and other possibilities for what was causing this, not only did he explain everything in a way I easily make sense of, there was no doomsday scenario given to me or use of any scare tactics.

I’m a Certified Training and Canine Behavior Specialist and the only thing I dislike about what I do is that I’m forced to see the underbelly of the pet industry from time to time.  This might be cliche but the one and only bad thing about my experiences with Dr. Cohen and the Anthem Pet Medical Center is that I didn’t find them sooner.  (Troy Zimmerman,  Certified Training & Canine Behavior Specialist 1-632-201-9433)

Lindsay Birrenbach, DVM, Banfield, Chandler, AZ

Hopi Animal Hospital, Dr Pruden and their wonderful Staff, 5533 E Bell Rd., Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ 602-494-4674 – shout out to Chris Jobies favorite vet tech


Advance Critical Care and Internal Medicine Hospital, 3069 Edinger Avenue,  Tustin, Ca ( 949-654-8950
…….vet must refer you here   …..

 Dr. Steve Hill,  Veterinary Specialty Hospital, 10435 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121, (tel: 858.875.7500)

Dr. Terrie Johnson, Warner Center Pet Clinic, Woodland Hills, CA (818) 710-8528
I would recommend my vet office and Dr. Terrie Johnson, specifically.  Terrie has been with me since Day 1 with Maggie.  She diagnosed the EPI and worked with me to find the right treatment.  She will be with me and Maggie tomorrow morning to say GoodBye to Maggie.  With Dr. Johnson’s support, Maggie has made it to almost 11 years of age with severe EPI and other health issues.

Dr. Frank Lux,  7441 Foothills Boulevard Suite 100, Roseville, CA 95747  tel   (916) 789-2211  
Dr Lux graduated from Ohio State in 1968 and got his start in VietNam ,working with our military K-9s, mostly GSDs. He’s outstanding if you have a GSD!

Dr. Robert Reed, VCA Rancho Mirage Animal Hospital CA 92270 (760) 346-6103 – Can’t thank him enough for his help the first 6 months we had Toby and were trying to get him stabilized

Dr. Watson, at Villa Park Animal Clinic.714-998-4322  in Orange County, CA. They are an awesome team to work with! ( Feel free to check out their great reviews on-line )

Dr. Matthew Wheaton, Chief of Staff., “Alicia Pet Care Ctr, 25800 Jeronimo Rd, Suite n100, Mission Viejo, CA 92691., Tel # 949-768-1313. Email:  [email protected]  Website:

Myah’s mom, Lori: “Dr. Wheaton immediately recognized Myah’s EPI symptoms and was happy to send them to Texas A&M GI lab, at my request.  He spends a lot of time with us during the office visit and got Myah on the right track very quickly.  He even sent me EnzymeDiane information! Dr. Wheaton will work with you and your ideas, but what I love is that he doesn’t stray from good clinical judgment.  This is key, as we can get pretty crazy about our fur babies! The office is lovely and they have their own pet rescue organization.”


David C. Twedt, DVM,  Professor of Medicine, Diplomate, American College of ,Veterinary Internal Medicine, 00 West Drake Road,  Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-16203

(Addison diagnosis doctor): Katharine F. Lunn, BVMS, MS, PhD, MRCV’S, Diplomate ACVIM, Small Animal Internal Medicine, 300 West Drake Road, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1620
They take my phone calls and emails and even call on their own to check up on Taya.  We are so thankful for their caring work.  Best of all they work with any vet that we take Taya to.  We are full time Rv’ers so we travel all over the U.S. and so many vets we come in contact with know of Dr. Twedt and his work.  He has even been to the White House to treat President’s Dogs.

Dr. Teresa Seggerman, Lakewood Veterinary Hopsital,  285 Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, CO 80226

Phone: (303) 233-5614, Fax: (303) 237-9322, Mon: 7:30am – 6pm, 6pm – 8pm by appt only, Tue-Fri: 7:30am – 6pm, Sat: 8am – 2pm,  2pm- 4pm by appt only. Facebook page: 

We just met with a Vet in Lakewood, CO (Outside of Denver) and she had knowledge of EPI and had treated dogs.  She was very happy to reommend the B12 shots ($26/shot) and her exam fee was about $50.   She said everything on this website aligned with what she knows about EPI and their textbook as well.  She actually took a picture of the Dianes Enzyme to offer other owners as a substiute to their perscription.  Anyway, she was worth the drive, knowledgable and said to continue on the Tylan, Probioitic, Enzymes, B12 etc…


Dr. Gotler, Bolton Veterinary Hospital, 222 Boston Turnpike, Bolton, CT  06043 Phone: (860) 646-6134 or (860) 456-4298  24/7 Emergency Care 

Dr. Gotler and the staff at Bolton Veterinary Hospital worked diligently to get my border collie Kaedence diagnosed (November 2007).   We were in the office at least once if not two times per week with blood work as I was literally watching her die right before my eyes.   Their initial diagnosis was that she was suffering from severe food allergies.   Thanks to Dr. Gotler we had the diagnosis of EPI AND food allergies (lo and behold chicken and rice).    Dr. Pikas at Bolton Vet had a GSD with EPI so he is extremely knowledgeable in the disease.   They answered all my concerns and questions regarding EPI with caring and patience.   Kaedence even donated blood for EPI research.  The staff at Bolton Vet was very excited to pull the blood and wants me to keep them informed as to any results with the study.  Today she is a happy, healthy 4 year old typical border collie who does agility, obedience, rally, goes camping, diving, swimming and just enjoys laying in mom’s lap upside down sleeping.   I purchase the EPI Calendar every year for Bolton Vet to show my gratitude for saving my little girls life.

David Lambert, Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital, 616 Wauregan Road, Danielson, CT 06239, (phone: 860-774-7650)
Dr. Lambert has been wonderful in trying to solve this situation and working with me in all ways.
He is not only my vet but has actually be came a friend in this process
Amy Matthews DVM PHD, Frontier Medicine, 17 S Main St # B, East Granby, CT 06026, Phone: 860-653-7831
Amy is a holistic vet that i use in addition to my traditional vet.
She is wonderful and my dog is so relaxed an enjoys to go and have her work on him…. with chiropractic, kinesiology,
massage and accupunture she has helped my dog a lot.

 Jim Mininillio, DVM with Countryside Veterinarian Hospital located at 374 Leavenworth Rd Shelton CT  ( tel: 203-929-0500)
ALL  the vets in this office are awesome!

Frances Paulin, DVM with Bethel Village Square Animal Hospital located at 10 Elizabeth St, Bethel CT  (tel:  203-730-9800)


Dr Ashley Ayoob, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC, Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida, Naples, Florida, 239-263-0480

Dr. Jennifer Blackburn, DVM.  Keystone Heights Animal Hospital, 7344 State Road 100, Keystone Heights, FL 32656, tel: 352-473-4966
Keystone Heights Animal Hospital – Keystone Heights , FL – Our Doctors (

 Dr. Bonavita at Friendship Veterinary Hospital, 623 N. Beal Parkway, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, Phone: 850-862-9813 ,
Dr. Bonavita was absolutely wonderful

 Dr. Rebecca Brudek-Wells at Bayside Hospital for Animals in Fort Walton Beach, FL (also Niceville Emergency Vet Clinic) Dr. Rebecca Brudek-Wellswas great!

Heather Hartley, DVM, Companion Animal Hospital, 76 Elgin Parkway, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 (850) 243-7144

Dr. STEVE IULO, DVM at Veterinary Associates at 1168 Jacaranda Blvd., Venice, FL 34292. His phone is 941 492 3080 and Fax is 941 492 3094. Dr. Iulo really knows his stuff and has already treated 6 other EPI dogs.

 *** University of Florida College of Veterinarian Medicine

Dr. Abel Lera, Heron Lakes Animal Hospital5615 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33067, phone: 954-344-4911 , website:  (or )

I highly recommend Heron Lakes Animal Hospital.  They successfully diagnosed my Sheltie as having EPI and have been taking care of my dogs since.  Dr. Lera is very kind, understanding, and patient as well as knowledgeable and a good listener.  He will give you options and let you choose the treatment style you are most comfortable with (aggressive treatment, wait-and-see, holistic, etc.) knowing that each owner has their own comfort level with different approaches. I love the annual Wellness Plan whereby the wellness visit includes free office visits for the rest of the year.  If cost is an issue, Dr. Lera will be happy to explain costs and offer options.  When my dog needed regular B12 shots, his staff trained me to do it at home, saving me time and expense.  When a new symptom comes up, he contacts experts and does research.  He stays up-to-date with the latest information in the field.
The staff is very caring and efficient.  We never have to wait very long to be seen, yet Dr. Lera patiently answers all my questions (I have a lot).  My dogs are happy to go into the office.  I will be recommending Heron Lakes Animal Hospital to anyone who asks.


Dr. Brad at the Rabun Animal Hospital in Mountain City, Georgia 706-746-5100
Home | Veterinarian in Mountain City, GA | Rabun Animal Hospital

Dr. Brad took the time to come to our Epi4Dogs site because of some of the recommendations we gave his client in treating EPI…. and read the research and is currently recommending the advised protocol.  Thank YOU Dr. Brad for not only having your client’s best interests at heart, but also for being willing to work with your client. That is the # 1 trait of a great vet and what we call “A Keeper!”!

Dr. Weaver at the Animal Hospital of Towne Lake in Woodstock, Georgia
Without her speedy diagnosis, my 4 year old dog would have not made it through. My Maltese, Barkley, went from 4 pounds to a now healthy 8. He’s doing great thanks to his enzymes and prescription diet.

Dr.Mark Watson (owner) of Crossroads Animal Hospital in Newnan, GA. (a suburb of Atlanta that is 20 miles south of the airport). The phone number is  770-253-1020. I think so highly of him that when I took my 11 year old Westie for his check up as a new patient (we moved to Newnan from Houston last fall) yesterday with drop in only hours on Saturday, I waited for an hour and a half so that I could see Mark.

TriCounty Animal Hospital– (Atlanta) North Georgia

During the diagnosis of Titus Pullo in April 2017 they were spot on. They very much felt that even though how rare EPI is Titus had all the systems. After a few other tests at the beginning they tested for EPI. A total of 2 months went by and a loss of 15lbs and we had him on the way back. We have been working together learning the process to feed properly and give B12 shots. I strongly believe this hospital for all animals would be a wonderful resource to anyone local to Atlanta/north Georgia. 


Dr. Robert Ormond, DVM, 1785 W. CHERRY LN., MERIDIAN, ID 83642 208-855-0400


Dr. John R. Fleming, Prairie State Veterinary Clinic, 100 Ravinia Place, Orland Park IL,  708-349-3331
Dr. Fleming  is wonderful, after a week of unsuccessful treatment for diarreha, he immediately suspected EPI.he is a marvelous veterinarian, very skilled, and quite expert in his field.

Dr. Adam Mordecai, Internal Medical Specialist in Buffalo Grove, IL, 1515 Busch Pkwy, Buffalo Grove, Il 60089,

I recommend Dr. Mordecai as he has taken excellent care of Soleil and has ordered all appropriate testing.  He takes the time to discuss testing and treatment options.  He does not order unnecessary tests.  He also takes calls and returns calls promptly.  The staff at Vet Specialties is very accommodating and professional.   He is very knowledgeable about treating EPI and IBD.   He will also take the time to answer any and all questions you may have and will even research things for us if needed. Carol

Dr. Mike Passarella at Antioch Animal Hospital in Antioch IL , 40949 N. Il State Rd #83 , Antioch Illinois 60002, Phone 847-395-0636, Fax 847-395-0638.

Dr. Passarella is Soleil’s local vet.  He was aware of EPI in cats and though he had never treated one he did send Soleil to her specialist for diagnosis.  Dr. Passarella is very knowledgable about EPI in Cats and has been extremely helpful.  He and his staff always take my calls or call back quickly.  They will fit Soleil in for appointments immediately if needed.  Dr. Passarella is the vet that created the recipe to compound pancreatic enzymes which ultimately saved Soleil’s life.  He has also taken calls from other vets for people with EPI cats to offer help and suggestions.  He and his staff are wonderful people who are always there to help.  Dr. Passarella orders all appropriate tests and takes the time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  Dr. Passarella will also research things for us if needed. Carol

 Dr. Luke Stahlheber, Northgate Small Animal Hospital, 1497 Vandalia, Collinsville, Il 62234

Dr. Stahlheber was not the one who originally diagnosed CC, but when I brought her to him but he did research Epi thouroghly. He listened to me, asked questions, and respected what I told him about what worked for her.

When she became ill, he confered with several other vets, did everything he could to figure out what was wrong with her before referring us to the specialist in St. Louis. I have much respect for this young man.

Dr. Sue Stanley, 701 Lincoln Hwy, Fairveiw Hts, Il 62208,   tel 618-632-6374
Dr. Paulin was excellent with us


Dr. Earl Dryden. Brookville Animal Hospital, Greenfield Indiana (just east of Indianapolis) 317-353-6143
Dr. Dryden was recommending to us from an Epi4Dogs member who’s dog did not have EPI…. but rather does have a malfunctioning pancreas problem and the caregivers are extremely pleased with the care their Shelby has received. In addition this vet clinic has an astounding 5-star rating.


Dr. Jonelle Hankner at Edgewood Animal Hospital in Cedar Rapids. The number to her office is 319-396-7800 and she is also on Facebook.  Dr. Hankert is spectacular… she’d never dealt with EPI before my dog Hailey but she knew to look for it and what she was looking for. Once Hailey was diagnosed my vet went above and beyond researching multiple aspects of the disease. She knew right away to provide Hailey not only with enzymes, but also B12 shots. Although she prefers a dry kibble diet to the raw I feed, I’d recommend her to anyone in Iowa or near Cedar Rapids

Dr Brad Peterson at Peterson Pet Hospital 420 Colton Circle NE ? Unit 3 ? Cedar Rapids ? 52402,  phone: (319) 743-0554
Dr Brad Peterson at Peterson Pet Hospital diagnosed Lou with EPI in April of 2009. He knew right away what the problem was and explained it thoroughly to us.  He was available anytime to answer all the questions that I had and put Lou?s care as a top priority. He staff is wonderful and friendly and they treat our pets like little humans!


 Antioch Dog and Cat Hospital 5200 NE Vivion RoadKansas CityMo 64119, 816-453-7272.
Dr. Michael Hodgson, DVM and Dr. Lianne Carr DVM.
I would like to say that Dr. Hodgson had seen one other EPI dog during his practice. Dr. Carr became involved in Dutch’s case and did not know that much about EPI,  BUT started to research it going to TAMU site, epi4dogs site, and any other site she could find. She gathered so much information and did a lot of follow up. These doctors work together very closely and exchange information constantly so that each knows about as much as they can about your pet. Dr. Hodgson will come to the house when your pet needs to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Dr. Kent Callicott, DVM  PetWorks, 9232 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66207, 913-381-3131

Dr. Callicott was the vet we saw for the laser treatments to see if it might help the ulcers/sores in Dutch’s colon.  He knew about EPI and he worked very closely with Dr. Reigl in making sure that since this was an experimental treatment for this problem, that he had the correct settings and was using the laser in the best way to help Dutch. I know that when we took Dutch there we had to beg him to get up. After the laser treatments Dutch was able to play again.

Dr. Jeff Dennis, DVM, Veterinary Specialty Clinic, 11950 W. 110th St. #B, Overland Park KS 66210, 913-642-9563This is the specialty vet that did Dutch’s colonoscopy and told us about the grain free food.  He kept in touch with the other vets we had working with us so that everyone knew what was going on.  He said he was not expecting Dutch to get megacolon.

Dr. Rick Cox and Dr. Brandon Pauly of Conway Springs Veterinary Clinic, Conways Springs, KS.

Dr. Libby Robertson Martin City Animal Hospital 816- 941-0070. (South Kansas City)


Shively Animal Clinic at  2401 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40216, telephone: (502) 778-3682
(fabulous clinic- – they see an average of 200-250 dogs per day…..and are very familiar with anything that can afflict a dog. Extremely reasonable!)


 Dr. Neal B. Neuman,  Montgomery Village Animal Hospital, 19222 Montgomery Village Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20886 Tel: (301)330-2200

 Dr. Pasekoff at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital , 7515 Brooklyn Bridge Rd, Laurel,  MD 20707  Hospital Phone: 301-776-7744,
Nikki’s vet who diagnosed the EPI was Dr. Pasekoff at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital


Dr. M. M. Drake, Canton Center Animal Hospital, 5900 Canton Center Road, Canton, Michigan 48187 , Phone: (734) 459-1400

Dr. Lorri Stewart, DVM at Mattawn Animal Hospital, 50588 County Rd. 652, Mattawan Mi 49071.  269 668-3307.
If it wasn’t for wonderful Dr.Stewart, Claire would not have survived!

Schultz Veterinary Clinic, William E. Schultz, DMV, (517) 337-4800, 2770 Bennett Road, Okemos MI 48864


Keller Lake Animal Hospital – 1248 Cope Avenue East – Maplewood, MN 55109 – (tel) 651-49-0991

Special thanks to Dr. Melissa De Woskin and Dr. Amy Krauss Mead at Keller Lake Animal Hospital. Although they have not had many EPI cases, they did a lot of research on my Charlie’s behalf and now have the most up-to-date information and have been great!

Smith Veterinary Hospital – 1110 Highway 13 E – Burnsville, MN 55337-2901 – (952) 736-8278

 Stogie our Boston Terrier was properly diagnosed First trip there the vet suggested we run blood tests to rule out other causes. When those came back normal he suggested we send blood to Texas A&M for the TLI test. The test came back positive and we had our diagnosis. and treated here.

Dr. Volkman-Corcoran Pet Care at 7569 County Road 116 in Corcoran, MN 55340 (tel: 763-420-3930)
Jaeger has been successfully treated for over a year now by our vet….and handled his PF’s too…wow…she has been amazing and willing to listen to us about his issues, etc


Dr Harvey Hummel, Andover Animal Hospital, Andover NJ 973-940-2276


 Dr. Marcia Campbell , Walworth Animal Hospital, 1711 Penfield Road, Walworth, NY 14568, phone: (315) 986-1616, fax: (315) 986-3021,   1-800-477-8341

Dr. Patricia Collins, Valley Cottage Animal Hospital, Valley Cottage New York 10989 845-268-9263 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            845-268-9263      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Dr. Collins is very easy to talk to, friendly and compassionate, and definitely loves animals. When I first brought Sammie to her because of his constant diarrhea, she is the one who told me about EPI and the research being done.

The Village Animal Hospital of Jericho, New York, 24 Jericho TurnpikeJericho, NY 11753, has been our veterinarian for more than 25 years.The owner, Denise Ceravolo, DVM, is a GSD owner herself, and is devoted to animal care. The telephone number is: 516-333-5040, and our boy has always received the best care from the hospital. There are three other veterinarians at the practice and they provide full veterinary care, including a Heated Salt Water Hydro Therapy Swimming Pool, Grooming, and Boarding.  A link to their Web Page is:

Danielle Rutherford, VMD, at Westside Veterinary Center, 220 West 83 St, New York, New York 10024, Phone: 212-362-8948 Fax: 212-580-1800.  Although not an EPI expert, her willingness to work with me allowed Dakota to be diagnosed quickly and start the recommended therapy within 48 hours of sending the blood sample. Her practice even created a billing code for the Texas A&M testing.  I highly recommend her!

Dr. Michelle Sonnema at Goosepond Animal Hospital, 1110 Route 17M, Monroe, NY 10950, phone 845-783-2333.  The link to their website is:   I am so blessed to have a wonderful vet who diagnosed my dog. She (Dr. Michelle Sonnema)  is on top of EPI and has helped me to get my dog healthy. When I first took my dog to her he was at 80 pounds. He is now on a diet because he has gained too much weight. Yeah!!! He’s at 105 lbs now.

 Christina Weckesser DVM, Rhinebeck Animal Hospital, 6450 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572. 845-876-6008. She has been great, providing me with complete vet history on Pixie when we got her. She had been dealing with Pixie’s EPI since her diagnosis, but was very open and receptive to information I brought up from the website. She has answered all my questions thoroughly, and I’ve never felt rushed, no matter how many questions I have.


Animal Hospital of Waynesville, Waynesville, NC 28786 ,828-456-9755

these folks are great!

Dr. Joe Gordon, Owner, Care First Animal Hospital (4 locations in the Raleigh NC area); 1312 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh NC  27608, 919-832-3107;

Dr. Gordon diagnosed Onza with EPI in April 2009. He has provided exceptional care for Onza and is very caring and patient with us. His associate, Dr. Page Wages, has also given Onza excellent care and both she and Dr. Gordon were already informed and knowledgeable about EPI, but were very open to explore new information and research. They were very receptive about the ‘epi4dogs’ website soon after Onza was diagnosed when we discovered the website through friends who also had a dog with EPI. We feel very fortunate to have such outstanding vet care for our Onza.

Dr. Roy A. MacDonald, DVM at  301 Meadowland DrHillsboroughNC 27278, telephone: (919) 732-9969

(he diagnosed my Izzy, who was why Epi4Dogs Foundation was started,  and gave us fabulous care… treats the whole dog, really cares about his patients and owners and is very financially reasonable!)

 *** North Carolina State University College of Veterinarian Medicine


Drs. Debbie Dennis, Scott Murray, Jeanne Friedman, Megan Barnhizer, and Jennifer Johnston of Animal Hospital 
located at 2735 S.O.M. Center Road, Willoughby Hills, OH 44094.  Phone: 440-946-2800, Fax: 440-946-9853. Their website is:  . These vets often suspect, test and diagnose EPI not only in dogs but cats too!

Dr Robert Pierce, North Ridge Vet Hosp, North Ridge road,   Madison Ohio   44057,   (TEL) 440 428 5166


Dr Carissa Harold, Mustang Animal Health Clinic, Mustang, Oklahoma 405-376-4556


Dr. Mike Andrews, Town & Country Vet. Hospital , 12515 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97236-3129 , 503) 761-2330

I  appreciated that he suspected and tested for EPI and even though her values showed the opposite of EPI he called and gathered advise from colleges and decided to go ahead and test treat Susie with Enzymes for Chronic Pancreatitis, and it saved her life, she was absolutely wasting away with everything she ate going straight through her. She has made a complete recovery on the enzymes, And Mike never gave up until we found a solution.

Bend Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Doug Evans and Dr. Byron Maas, Dr. Sarah Cummings, 360 NE Quimby Avenue, Bend, OR, tel 541-382-0741
These vets are wonderful and extremely competent. I would highly recommend them to anyone that lives in Central Oregon.

Dr. Dana Bailey, Broken Top Veterinary Clinic. 67293 W Hwy 20, Bend, OR 97701, 541-389-0391  
My German Shepherd was recently diagnosed with EPI. After several weeks of stool issues I talked with my vet and she gave me some suggestions and also said it could be EPI. Right after New Years we did a full blood workup which diagnosed. I have since done a lot of research and recognize the fact Dana was far more cognizant about EPI than most vets. Her quick recognition and advice along with my research of the disease quickly returned my dog to good health. The clinic is just outside the small town of Sisters, Oregon but has a Bend address.


Dr. Carlin, Veterinary Medical Center, 7764 Route #6, Mansfield, PA  (tel:  570-662-7655)
Dr. Carlin has always been gentle & kind to my dog/s thus allowing them to have good experiences while there. No Stress, no adverse problems ever.  There is also a new vet, Dr. Suresh, in the practice who is very knowledgeable about EPI!

Dr. Tim Barrow, Oley Valley Animal Clinic, Oley. PA  610-987-6237

Dr. Dawn Dinger , Pittsburgh East Animal Hospital, (tel: 724-325-2006) located at 1718 Golden Mile Highway, Monroeville, PA  15146. She is a true asset to this practice!

Adam Denish V.M.D., Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital,  7905 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19152,   (tel 215-333-8888)
Dr. Denish is fantastic! He has helped me in numerous ways with Kody throughout her 6+ years.

Dr Anna Edling, Horsham Veterinary Hospital,  971 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA  19044,  (Tel: 215-674-1PET,  Fax: 215-674-5725) ,

Although everyone at this facility is incredible, I’d recommend Dr Edling to anyone, with any pet (she was our vet when we had 7 ferrets, before I got my GSD, and we drove over an hour to see her, that’s how great she is).  She’s happy to research, she’s up to date on a lot of things my other vets haven’t been, and she gives great, personal care for both my pet, and this crazy pet owner!


Dr. Cindy Brumbelow, Grassmere Animal Hospital, 3926 Nolensville Rd, Nashville TN 37211 (tel: 615-832-6535)
Dr. Brumbelow has treated all of my animals since 1994, through some pretty exotic ailments (cushings disease, diabetes, glaucoma, anal gland carcinoma and now EPI). She is interested in learning new things and is open to holistic treatment. She treats me as an equal partner in my dog’s health care. I have continued to go to her even after moving half an hour away from the clinic.

Dr. Wyatt Cleveland, Lebanon Road Animal Hospital, 3444 Lebanon Pike, Hermitage, TN

Dr Hannah DeBusk, White Pine Veterinary Practice, 3122 Circle Dr White Pine TN 37890, (tel) 865-674-7393

Dr. Thyra Walker DVM, Forest Park Clinic for Cats and Dogs, 318 Forest Park Blvd.,Knoxville, TN 37919, (tel 865-584-4600)  Fax 865-584-4633
Dr. Walker has been very interested in learning more about EPI and has treated a few dogs with this condition over the years. (From a 2nd EPI member who is now also a client of Dr. Walker) “Dr. Walker is exceptionally approachable, extremely helpful and supportive and is knowledgeable about EPI in dogs. She is bright, caring and warm and will make you feel that you are not alone and that she is part of the team that will help you get your beloved pet on the road to recovery!”


Dr Benaryeh, DVM,  Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital, 4606 Spicewood Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78759.  Tel: 512.345.2727 .  Dr. Benaryeh is not only a great vet …. he is also owned by an EPI dog and obviously very familiar with the EPI condition in our beloved companions!

Dr. Russell T. Hagan, DVM, Meadowbrook Corners Animal Clinic,  8650 Meadowbrook Dr # C, Fort Worth, TX 76120, (817) 795-7860
Dr. Hagan’s been so great ever since I started going to him in February. He stays in close contact with TAMU and doesn’t hesitate to give them a call if I have a question that he can’t answer.

VeroniKa Kiklevich, I-10 Pet Emergency, 10822 Fredricksburg Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78240

This is the vet who performed the surgery on Butter and did such a wonderful job saving her life when she got so ill….

Dr. Mark van Ness DVM owner Greenway Animal Clinic Houston Tx on Richmond Ave

Dr. Rodriguez at Schertz Animal Hospital in Schertz, TX
He is very easy to get along with, good sense of humor, gentle with the animals.  He doesn’t give me any problems when I ask to go to a specialist or want this or that test run unless he just feels it’s really unnecessary.  I would recommend him.

Sherri Youngblood ,Spring Creek Animal Hospital, 14837 Nacogdoches Rd.,San Antonio, Texas 78247

She’s Butterbean’s primary vet, and the one who got the ball rolling towards Butter’s diagnosis and recovery.  I’ve been her patient since she graduated from TAMU and can attest to her caring, compassion and determination.  She’s a super person and a heck of a vet!

*** TEXAS A&M GI LAB               (vet consultations only)


Poultney Veterinary Services, Poultney, Vermont, Dr. Scott 802-287-9292


Dr Diana Hewitt, DVM, Kempsville Vet Hospital,  Virginia Beach, VA phone 757-474-0507

Dr. Jennifer Hubbard,DVM, VCA Airline Boulevard Animal Hospital, 615 Airline Boulevard, Portsmouth, VA 23707 (near Chesapeake, VA).

My German Shepherd, Rikka, was tested and diagnosed over a year ago with EPI. I never heard of it. I was so worried. My vet, Dr. Jennifer Hubbard recognized the symptoms and Rikka was on enzymes right away after being tested. Thank you Dr. Hubbard, in behalf of my dog, Rikka! 


Dr. Brittany Beall  of VetSit

Brittany Beall, VMD, 206-719-4645 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            206-719-4645      end_of_the_skype_highlighting,  email:  [email protected], provides house-calls!

I’d like to Recommend my vet to be added to the EPI Vet List. The company is VetSit and the veterinarian is Dr. Brittany Beall. Dr. Beale has been a huge help with my Rottweiler Sherlock. She is knowledgeable, willing to research and learn more when needed, caring, and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone with a pet in the Seattle, WA area. Thanks!

Sincerely,Joel Cameron, CCS
General Manager, Seattle Dogworks Training &  Education Studio
Student Coordinator, Seattle School of Canine Studies
[email protected] 206.919.8105 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            206.919.8105      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Dr. Amy Cumberland / Clarkston Veterinary Clinic | 509-758-9669, 1409 Peaslee Ave., Clarkston, WA 99403

Dr. Danielle Hagen at Blue Pearl Veterinarian Partners (Shoreline location)  206-362-1660 located at:  13240 Aurora Ave N – Seattle, WA 98133 .  “Dr. Danielle Hagen is an internal medicine vet who is very familiar with EPI. She skipped prescribing expensive enzymes and told us to order direct from Her knowledge of the disease also helped in immediately prescribing the necessary medication and supplements – Tylosin for SID/SIBO and Vit B12 injections. “

Dr. Jim Lamb, at River Road Animal Hospital, 1508  18th Street, NW, Puyallup, WA  (tel:  253-845-7525)

Auggie had an awesome Vet! He is now 60 miles from me,but,if Gretch got really sick,I would take her to him. When Auggie died (He was not involved,unfortunately.)I was feeling I should have done more for him,or have sensed something was wrong. I called Dr.Lamb,and he spoke with me for over 30 minutes about Auggie and assured me there was nothing more anyone could have done..Dr. Lamb,personally sent me a card and wrote a very kind note in it. I have never had a Vet go that far.  He works in a Animal Hospital with 4-5 other Vets. He is Very popular

Dr. Erika Larsonberg of Lien Animal clinic in West Seattle, 206-932-1133, located at 3710 SW Alaska St-Seattle, WA 98126 “Lien Animal clinic in West Seattle also have vets who are familiar with the illness. Dr Erika Larsonberg knew what our boy was on with his EPI and immediately knew what to rule out as medication for his other complication. Dr. Wes Seipel started us on the journey to diagnose our boy’s EPI with quick accurate differential diagnosis.”

Jackie Obando, Marta Nobrega at Mercy Vet, 2707 76th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island, WA 98040-2735, tel: (206) 232-7667, (has more vets but these two have treated EPI before).
Everyone at the clinic is great, but Dr Obando is the one who saved my dog?s life.  Dr. Obando and Dr. Nobrega both have experience treating dogs with EPI.  They also will do phone consults.  Dr Obando is very supportive of clients doing their own research and has referred other clients to me as a source of information on cheaper enzyme alternatives.  She is extremely ethical and kind.  The only vet my dog has ever really liked!  Only go to them if you are interested in alternative medicine.  They do both alternative and Western, but are really dedicated to alternative animal medicine.  They often have a relatively long waiting list for new clients, so don?t wait to call as you may have to wait up to a month for a first appointment.  Once you?re a client of record, getting appointments is easy.  Usually within a day or two.


Cheat Lake Animal Hospital
286 Fairchance Road, Morgantown, WV 26508
(304) 594-1124 phone
(304) 594-1911 fax
Have treated many EPI dogs!  Very familiar with the condition.





Frenchs Forest Veterinary Clinic

Forest Shopping Centre

Beeville Rd, Petrie QLD 4502.


Ph: (07) 3285 5050.

Frenchs Forest Veterinary Clinic (I cant believe the improvement we have seen in River since taking her there!)

Forest Shopping Centre

Beeville Rd, Petrie QLD 4502.

Ph: (07) 3285 5050.


Dr Chris Andersen, Wanniassa Hills Veterinary Clinic, 87 Langdon Avenue Wanniassa, ACT 2903 Phone (02) 6231 5129.

Chris is fantastic, he does a lot of research and was also willing to try my suggestions (after reading them on your site).

Dr John Jenvey, All Creatures Veterinary Centre, Corner Tharwa Drive and Duggan Street Calwell ACT 2905 Phone (02) 6292 1900.

Dr Jenvey is fantastic and knows about EPI 


Adelaide Animal Hospitals (Propsect, Trinity Gardens, Burnside): a multi-vet practice at three locations across Adelaide. Phone (08) 8344 4233.

Dr Chiew Lian Khut & Dr Jessica Victory are seasoned practitioners in the current best practice methods for managing EPI. Chiew is Lulu’s current case manager and has a passion for sharing information to improve the quality of life and the manageability of animals with EPI.

Dr Chris Girling- Noah’s Crossing Vet Clinic, 168 Hayman Road, Lewiston SA 5501 ph: 08 8524 2260

Dr Greg Rhodda & teamMeadows Veterinary Clinic, 2 Battunga Rd Meadows SA, Ph 08 8388 3455


Dr. Peter Verhoef, CROYDON PET HOSPITAL.,5 Dorset Rd , Croydon, Vic 3136 tel 03-9727-4004, fax03,9727-4012, email: [email protected]

I would highly recommend my vet, Dr. Peter Verhoef as he diagnosed Meggs EPI almost immediately.  First visit, asked the normal ‘epi questions’, ordered a blood test, & then diagnosis.  He was excellent all along the way & is a very caring Vet.


Dr Michael Eaton at the St Ives Veterinary Surgery, in St Ives, Sydney. Ph: (02) 9983 9494.


 Dr. Vern Chase, Pine Ridge Vet Clinic, 483 Ontario Street, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada K9A  3C1,
telephone 905-372-2721.
Dr. Chase was very quick to properly diagnose Turbo’s EPI and he is very supportive of us and Turbo’s treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Chase!!! ~Cindy Blower 

 Dr. Clark, Barrington Animal HospitalHwy 3, Barrington Passage, NS B0W 1G0, Nova Scotia, Canada (902) 637-2555 – I live in Nova Scotia Canada and my Luca was diagnosed with EPI a few months ago and it was because of my amazing vet who went above and beyond to help him 

Dr. Derek Clark, Abbotsford Animal Hospital, 14958 Yonge St, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, L4G 1M7, 905-727-7379 or 416-801-9593.
All of the vets (there are 4) at Abbotsford are terrific and the tech and office staff are wonderful too.  We commute almost 40 minutes to get to them because we love them so much.  Dr. Derek Clark is Cedar’s primary vet.  He suggested that we test Cedar for EPI after only 4 weeks of symptoms even though they don’t have any other animals in the practice with EPI.  A nice call that really helped us help Cedar before she had lost too much weight!!  Derek is friendly, respectful, skilled and knowledgeable.  He really listens to us, gives us his honest opinion about treatment options and always is respectful of our decision.  He’s very open to dialogue, to learning new approaches and is always willing to consult someone with more experience if this is needed.  We highly recommend Dr. Clark and his colleagues at Abbotsford Animal Hospital.

Dr. Nacy Swift , at Hurontario Veterinary Hospital , in Hurontario Veterinary Hospital, 1424 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON L5G 3H4.  CANADA (905) 271-8508 
I wanted to recommend Clover’s vet. Clover has epi, diabetes and many other ailments since I adopted her as a pup. She was not expected to live past 2 y/o. She’ll be 11 in Dec. Dr. Nacy Swift has been impeccable with her care. She is direct and knowledgeable. She works at Hurontario Veterinary Hospital  1
I also worked with her for 6 years several years ago. She’s really wonderful!!
Ronayne Higginson

Dr. Marc Glavin, at the Carp Road Animal Hospital, in Stittsville, Ontario Canada.  Tel 613-831-2965.

On our very first visit to our vet, Dr. Glavin, with Lucy he suggested we might be looking at a case of EPI.  He conducted all the appropriate tests and immediately prescribed antibiotics.  Within a week Lucy was being treated with enzymes for EPI and is doing very well.  Thanks to his careful questioning and diagnostic skills, we were spared a protracted period of worry and Lucy was spared further deterioration.  We are very grateful.

 Dr. Lyle Kjernisted, East St. Paul Animal HospitalSuite BB, 3133 Birds Hill Rd, East St Paul, MB R2E1G4    tel ;(204) 661-2183 ,

For the dogs with EPI in my neck of the woods here’s my vet who has been super helping Toffee…she is now a whopping 80 lbs compred to a year plus ago where she weighted 40lbs

Dr. Olender, at the March Road Veterinary Clinic, March Road, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
All the vets in this practice are very helpful especially Dr. Olender who diagnosed Buffalo.  Dr Olender went to a lot of trouble researching EPI and then recommending the enzymes and special diet that Buffalo has been on for quite a few years now with success.  A big thank you to the March Road team.

Alan Norris, DVM, Diplomate, ACVIM, Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre, 920 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3C7 ,CANADA
(416) 920-2002 
Dr. Norris iis an Internal Medicine specialist. He is a very dedicated doctor and saved my Honey Bunny

Dr. Sheri Sime at the Gorham Animal Hospital  at 852 Gorham Street, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 1Y8
Tel: (905) 895-4552.  Sheri and her staff are excellent. Montgomery (cat) has benefited greatly from the care he has received at the Gorham Animal Hospital. They have gone above and beyond for him, time and again. I can’t recommend them enough.


(Military Vet in Italy)Dr. Beretich, Vicenza Veterinary Treatment Facility, Viale Riviera Berica, 106, 36023 Longare VI, Italy – Best vet I’ve ever been to. He exhausted all resources to answer every question we had.


Dr. Srikant B V, Prakruthi Veterinary Hospital, No: 38/27, 1 A Cross, 5th Block, 3rd Phase, Near Kamakya Theather, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore 560085. Phone No: 0091 080 26690232, mobile: 0091 9844057919

(Dr. Prakruthi is well versed in EPI and has access to running a TLI blood test to test for EPI and has access to CREON)


  Nardini Rudder Veterinary Centre,  21 Russell St., Wishaw, Lanarkshire,  ML2 7AL    (TEL 01698 361136)

 Thrums Veterinary Group, Back Brae, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH10 6NW  Telephone 01250 871010


Dr. Ian Crawford, (and Dr Yvonne) at Crawford & Crawford Veterinary Surgeons, 28 Green Lane , Mossley Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside,  L18 6HB, (tel: 0151-724-2664)
visit their website at:

Dr. Katie Friel, The Veterinary Hospital, 221  Beccles Rd, Gorleston on Sea, Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31-9BZ.    Her telephone number is 01493-661833

I have been asked via the EPI forum to pass the details of my vet practice, especially the young vet that has taken care of Karls recovery, her name is Katie Friel, and what an absolute star she has been, her and the practice have gone out of there way to help, what with weekly phone calls from Katie, to the receptionists taking an interest and and never ever forgetting Karls name, i cannot speak highly enough of them all.

Hallam Veterinary Centre practice in Sheffield, UK at
47 Holme Lane, Hillsborough , Sheffield S6 4JP. Tel 0114 2343013 . I recommend Hallam Veterinary Centre ?.. I transferred to this practice after my previous vet moved. They were immediately knowledgable and sympathetic to the costs involved. They have a reduced rate for long term patients, and B12 injections were offered at the cheaper agricultural rate after signing a disclaimer. My previous experience with Marti was followed up, my opinions treated with respect, and Marti treated with kindness to the end.  Their new website has factsheets including one on EPI.

Heywood Veterinary Centre (Heywood Vets for short) – 100 Bridge Street – Heywood – Lancashire – UK – OL10 1JG

Telephone number 01706 369 171 Website:

A very small practice of only 2 vets… but my babies have lots of medical problems. These vets sort it out FAST! First class care across the board. ~Karen

Shuttleworth Veterinary Surgery
located at 209A Bacup Road, Rawtenstall, Lancashire UK, BB4 7PA     Telephone: 01706 225300
These vets have done a great job with Dexter a very cute but complex patient!!!!