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Managing EPI

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) is a malabsorption and maldigestion condition where the pancreas is no longer producing enough pancreatic enzymes to digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Because of this, dogs (and also cats) will often present with unexplained weight loss, diarrhea/cow-patty like yellow/pale stools. Although EPI was once thought to be just a German Shepherd condition, it is now found in all breeds. That is why Epi4Dogs was created, because of Izzy, a little Spanish Water Dog that wasn’t supposed to have ‘that German Shepherd condition’.

Getting Involved

A treatable condition

Epi4Dogs is a 501c3 Non-Profit Public Charity EPI Research and Awareness organization with zero dollars for administration fees as Epi4Dogs is 100% volunteer-based. Recommendations on this site are supported by EPI veterinarian protocols, veterinarian EPI researchers, veterinarian publications, along with actual EPI pet owner’s day-to-day observations and experience.


Epi4Dogs has and continues to assist and collaborate with various vet schools on EPI genetics, gastrointestinal, and nutritional research to further the understanding of EPI. We have been published multiple times in general media publications and have co-authored veterinarian research publications.

A community of volunteers

Our goal is to have the most current EPI information all in one place to better assist the veterinarian community, to help the EPI pet owner readily recognize EPI signs, and to encourage all to work together for the best possible outcome for the EPI dog (and cat)!

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Important introductory information

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News & Announcements

California Fires

July 30, 2018

To all our California “Epi4Dogs” members

Due to the devastating fires in California, Epi4Dogs ( & EnzymeDiane ( would like to reach out to those in dire need of enzymes for their EPI dog or cat. If you yourself or if you know of any Californians that may have lost everything or have been displaced due to the fires and need enzymes, please contact, Founder of Epi4Dogs with the following information:

Person’s Name
Devastated area that they are from
Dog or Cat’s name
Cell phone # and/or Email Address
Address to send the enzymes

We are not asking for monetary help with this at this time, as we think we have enough enzymes to handle any hardship cases due to the fire.

Submit your EPI pet's picture for 2019 Calendars!!! Deadline Aug 31, 2018

The August 31, 2018 deadline is fast approaching – -if you are interested in having your EPI dog or cat in the 2019 EPI calendars, please submit your favorite picture(s) to:

Photos need to be good resolution (minimum 300kb)… most modern digital cameras are already set to take high enough resolution pictures.

And as always, we will honor those EPI companions that we had to sadly say good bye to with one month in each calendar dedicated as the Memorial page.

When submitting your photos, always include your first name and your pet’s first name
For memorial pictures, please also include beginning and ending dates
Email your photo’s as attachments

For more information, please go to our Products page:






New Executive President

March 1, 2018, Madelon Hale, is the newly instated Exec President of Epi4Dogs Fdn, Inc. Madelon’s has a 20yr career as an Intelligence Analyst with the Drug Enforcement Administration who has a deep love of dogs, volunteers with the Animal Rescue Corp and also has her very own EPI dog, “Doc” and is well versed in EPI. The previous President of 10 yrs, Olesia Kennedy, will step into her new role as Exec Director of Research and Founder of Epi4Dogs. 

Seminar slides now available

Slide Presentations from the EPI (EXOCRINE PANCREATIC INSUFFICIENCY) SEMINAR on Sept 7, 2017  in Lebanon, TN are on the EPI Seminar page: 

University of Illinois collaboration

In an effort to find possible triggers to EPI, Epi4Dogs is collaborating with the University of Illinois on the Maya Metabolomic Study. Stay posted for updates fall-time of 2018.

Get your dog/cat
EPI is manageable

Before & After

Images of our pups when diagnosed and after proper treatment

Watch this tremendous tribute to the efforts of many members in successfully managing EPI from diagnosis to stability.

This is Rilind, rescued by The Pit Sisters a wonderful organization, who joined our EPI forum and properly diagnosed Rilind with EPI…

…and this is Rilind, 3 months later after proper treatment for EPI was implemented!

Rilind has been adopted to his forever home….. please feel free to follow his story on Rilind Reborn Facebook page!


Chunky Monkey Club!

Success stories from the EPI forum

Our Contacts

Contact Madelon the President or Olesia the Founder of EPI4dogs directly using the details below. Also visit our contact page to send our volunteer staff an email.

 To contact individuals responsible for specific activities please see the Our Team page.



Call our Founder & Research Director, Olesia Kennedy on

(+1) 919-302-9892

Email our  Executive President Madelon Hale at