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The Upright Canine BrigadeMega-E in dogs
Please visit the Upright Canine Brigade for complete information on Mega-E and for resources to help treat and manage this condition:

Megaesophagus “Mega-E”  is a disorder in dogs where the muscles of the esophagus fail and it cannot propel food or water into the stomach. The result is that ingested food sits in the esophagus within the chest cavity and never makes it to the stomach. The most serious complication is that digestive fluid/food will at some point pool in the esophagus which generally results in aspiration of digestive fluid/food, leading to pneumonia.

Epi4Dogs had the pleasant surprise of having our education booth set up next to the Upright Canine Brigade educational booth at the 2019 AVMA Conference:

The Epi4Dogs & UCB teams at the 2019 AVMA


2022 Mega-E GENETIC FINDINGS Research by Dr. Leigh Anne Clark at Clemson University:

Mega -E evaluation and Management guide

Other resources: