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EPI Products

This page is dedicated to products offered to support of Epi4Dogs. Thank you to ALL who participate!

Our annual major fund-raiser, the Epi4Dogs “EPI” 2023 Calendars
are now ready to order !!!! 


For those that were interested in your EPI companion (dog or cat) being a participant in the 2023 EPI calendar(s) … we hope you submitted a picture!!!!    Because the 2023 Calendars are now ready to order directly from the calendar store. As in the past, you can first view all the calendars here on the Epi4Dogs “EPI Products” page.

Below we also provide the direct link for you to order your calendar directly from CreatePhotoCalendar.

Calendar cost is $28 per calendar + shipping cost.

All net donations from these calendars will go in their entirety to our 501c 3 public charity organization: The Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.

A full accounting of the calendar fundraiser will be posted on the Epi4Dogs website. As in the past, we will continue to allocate calendar donations completely to EPI Research and EPI Awareness and we will continue to distribute all donations in the same manner.

“Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats.  Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.”

Zero dollars go to administration fees as Epi4Dogs is a 100% volunteer organization.



  1. The following is the 2023 EPI Calendar Roster. Please find your EPI Dog / Cat Name, then your Human Companion Name, identify what Calendar # and Calendar Month your pet’s photo is located in.
  2. In the next section, click on the corresponding CAL # link to review your pet’s month. If there is an error, please let Susan at know ASAP.
EPI Dog / Cat Name Human Companion Name Calendar #  Calendar Month
Abbey Suzanne Major 2 Cover/January
Abbey Mike Dilluvio 10 October
Addi Donna Perkowitz 9 March
Aja Ann Johnson 20 May
Anna Debbie Zaepfel 10 June
Annie Lori Kimble 4 January
Aspen Tiffany Manuel 17 June
Atlas Stephanie Hicks 15 March
Bailey Carolyn & Cole Swanner 6 March
Baron Mickey Touchton 15 December
Bear Emma Morris 12 May
Bear Terry & Bonnie Gautreau 13 January
Belle Barbara Aslesen 1 October
Benny Kane Summers 16 December
Berkeley Beverly Reid 4 June
Betty Mairi White 4 April
Bling Brenda Ogren 17 May
Bodhi Sharon & Jim Kelly 17 Cover/November
Bodhi Jen & Joe Roberts 20 Cover/July
Bodie Bev Brokkes 8 July
Bonnie Debra Dixon 11 June
Britta Jennifer Regis 15 June
Brixie Sue Brandie Stevens 8 September
Brooke Rick Miller 3 January
Brookelynn Martini Arden 9 April
Buddha Stephen & Jeane Deatherage 13 July
Buddy Darleen Senete 7 October
Cappy Patty Kirschner 9 May
Casey Charlotte Hilder 6 May
Cash Holly Coupal 13 October
Chance Andrea Briand 3 February
Charlee The Gilgenbach Family 16 January
Charlie Richard & Christiane Inniss 2 February
Charlie Stacey & Kory Hoekema 12 July
Chevy Chase Alex & Sandra Polozoff 5 January
Chloe Krissy Heard & Joe Gilbert 17 April
Chloe Alicia Jaroni 21 March
Cleo Yolanda Pompei 19 May
Coco Gussie Thyberg 14 June
Coco Rick & Donna Palitti 19 April
Cricket Robyn Macfawn 10 Cover/March
Daisy Mimi Fearn 15 February
Dakota Joyce Eiriksson 15 September
Dallas Texas Tami Sharbaugh 21 June
Dani Krista Henry 10 December
Dax Stephanie Wright 10 February
Decker Leah Veprauskas 9 July
Dexter Fiona & Steve Buchanan 19 October
Diesel Laura Saville 2 May
Dieter Martha & Wayne Campbell 7 July
Dino Tammy Maglio 6 Cover/November
Diva Dawn Lynch 5 July
Dizzy Les & Stacie Wilkinson 5 December
Doc Mike & Madelon Hale 10 September
Dolly Dianne Cooper-Byram 6 April
Dolly Jeff Joachim & Janet Cooksey 8 December
Dune Pamela Thresher 1 November
Echo Angela & Zoey Dingledine 16 Cover/August
Echo & Lupa Maureen Elder 3 September
Ellie Callie Rank 9 December
Ellie Marcus Caudill 18 August
Ellis Tammy Ogren 4 October
Elsa Ann Hustead 5 August
Elsa Cathy Mitchell 8 June
Emma Beth & Terry Beck 1 May
Emmy Rebecca Luther 18 Cover/May
Ernie Els Ryan & Beth Medere 7 January
Eva 2009-2021 Misty, Mark & Josh Andrie 5 June
Fenway Lisa Reeves 19 Cover/August
Finn Alexis & Josh Brawdy 8 Cover/November
Finn Sarah Western 12 March
Fisher Barbara Jaminski & Dennis Galan 13 June
Foxy Angela & Richard Berry 20 December
Frodo Don & Ann Gruber 16 May
Gemma Jessica Tipp 12 April
George Eric & Brooke TeKrony 9 February
Georgia Jim Eisenberg 21 July
Greta Peggy Sawdon 18 February
Gretel Lisa Daniels 9 Cover/August
Grizzly Ashley Landers 7 March
Gunner Karen & Bob Heil 9 September
Gwenna Emily Rogeness 19 November
Hannah Bonnie & Fred Austin 15 November
Happy Maria Ruiz Fernandez de Castro 10 April
Harley Taylor Hattenburg 20 November
Harmony Suzannah Smith 12 December
Harper Tom & Susie Wiberg 13 May
Henry Bonnie Norment 16 November
Hessia Susan Spaeth 11 May
Honeybelle Lisa & Ken Healey 1 June
Ieser Christine Fox 17 July
Inca Katrina & Rex Atherton 20 February
Izzy Brenda & Gary Komp 3 March
Izzy Dennis & Olesia Kennedy 10 January
Izzy Cindy & Mike Wirths 19 March
Jack Randi Moss 16 February
Jackie Robin & Lonnie Gray 3 July
Jakob & Kenna Rene  Romsland 12 Cover/November
Jasper Catherine & Chris Thill 8 April
Jazzmatazz Joan & Lloyd Beauchamp 8 October
JD Ken & Susan Sorce 11 January
Joji K’eniya Denise 12 October
Juniper Dan & Jen Rustan 3 May
Kai Kai Jim & Stevie Johnson 15 April
Kale Hillary Kahler 3 October
Karma Jim & Deb Branch 4 November
Karma Alan Elsroad 18 March
Katniss Yvonne Amerson 8 March
Kevlar Patricia Hartney 8 August
Kia Mary Jo & Nick Krueger 14 December
King Asian Pamala Thresher 1 September
Klaus Kimberly Custis 4 December
Koda Mary Llanos 5 February
Kodi Jack & Darlene Dickinson 10 August
Kolby Barb & Joe Medveckus 11 September
Kuma Danielle Williams 3 December
Lillie June Laina Boyd 13 April
Lilly Barbara Penna 20 October
Lily Ashley Eyndhoven 10 May
Lily Linda Deckard 14 May
Lincoln Jenna Spinelli 12 February
Loki Janiana Souza 21 October
Louie Annetta O’Connor 3 November
Louie Karlie Bauwens 4 July
Lucy Leslie Shellow 1 July
Lucy JoAnn & Bill Santschi 21 February
Luz Gina Butcher 13 December
Maezi Wanda Nystoruk 20 April
Mandy Chantal Messier 16 June
Mango Nikki Williams 4 May
Mango Michelle Malacinski 18 October
Marley Simone Harriman 5 October
Marley Michelle 7 November
Marley Tracey Edsey 17 March
Marley Victoria Pengelly 20 June
Maveric Melissa Anderson 8 February
Mavis Dawn Gibson 13 February
Max Laura Floyd 4 Cover/August
Max Judy Lentz 12 August
Max Danny Rodecap 13 September
Max Carol Hall 21 December
Maxx Gale deClairmont 5 April
Miah Jillian Wainwright 17 December
Mickey 1999-2014 John & Jill Holbert 7 August
Mija Sharon Paul 21 Cover/January
Mika Elizabeth Hatzidakis 9 January
Milo Jennifer Bandremer 14 October
Milo Lucy Cruciani 20 September
Miša w/ Lina Urška Kosem & Tilen Miakar 1 January
Miss Ellie Sandy & Bill Powers 7 Cover/May
Miss Rosy Chelsea Wind 18 December
Mokey Katherine Bach 11 February
Mokka Joanne & Bryan Jackson 18 November
Moku Jim & Terry Binnion 19 June
Molly Doug Pratt 20 March
Molly Frank & Judy Hiergeist 21 November
Montgomery Vicky Applebaum 14 Cover/April/July
Monty Sue & Scott Swan 5 March
Moose Fay Ratta 1 Cover/August
Murphy Meggan Bowser 17 October
Nemo Laura Zarate 18 January
Nikita Teresa Robinson 1 December
Nikki Michaela & Nathan Cade 2 December
Nina Ellie & Mark McLees 12 September
Noodle Tim Farley 2 October
Nova Elizabeth & Jeffrey Power 11 December
Occy Catherine Papenberg 2 April
Odin Ashley Rodgers 8 May
Oliver Graziella Riggi 16 July
Ollie Helen Noble 7 April
Onza Donna & William Warner 21 August
Oona Debbie Bazzano 5 Cover/May
Pancake Sarah Zahn 3 June
Peanut Raven Sinclair 19 February
Pepper Tyler Ives 21 April
Pixie 2006-2021 Shirley & Craig Dorion 4 March
Poogan 2020-2022 Melinda McEwan 6 September
Pooh susan Messer 14 February/November
Poppy Lance Pfob 13 March
Raina Josh Galindo 12 June
Ranger Noel Miller 21 September
Raphie 2009-2021 John & Barb Robinson 7 September
Raven Victoria Murphy 12 January
Remee 2014-2022 Marina De Lange 4 September
Remy Sarah Logan 6 August
Remy Cindy Wall 8 January
Richie Gabrielle Robison 6 January
Rikka Karen Waterman 18 September
Riley Elisabeth & Charles Mullican 16 March
Riley Will & Susan Carey 17 September
Rocco Pam Davidson 2 March
Rocket Amanda Flores 16 April
Rocky Maritza & Tim Segarra 2 November
Rose Lisa Wangsnes 2 July
Rosemary Steve & Suellen Inglese 3 April
Rosie Isaac & Amy Allen 20 August
Roxy Melissa Modlesky 1 February
Roxy Aaron Roberts Khiaraslaw 10 July
Roxy Joseph Stanton 18 July
Royce Nicolette Dumas 15 August
Ruby Janis Bultman & Gary Reimer 11 August
Ruffnut Joanne & Bob Smith 6 February
Sadie Amber Howard 6 December
Sadie Jim Winters 7 June
Sage June Frost 3 Cover/August
Samson Carrie Perkins 14 January/September
Sasha Traci & James Fredericks 13 Cover/August
Sasha Kaitlin & Aaron Putchlawski 17 February
Schatzie Tammy & Mike Baker 2 August
Schatzie Tammy & Mike Baker 15 July
Selkie Kristin & Dave Southerden 15 October
Shadow Jessica Lemke 9 June
Shadow Jennifer Fehn 18 June
Shadow Ralynn & Joshua Davies 19 July
Shamrock Jane Carroll 17 January
Shep April Osmond 16 October
Shiloh Erin Seitz 17 August
Sirius Geralda Aubry 19 September
Snowie Carol Linacre 1 April
Sofie Tracey Verdone 9 October
Soleil Carol Pilger 14 March/August
Sophie Michelle Settle 11 April
Spenser Adele & Edd Banas 5 November
Spring Jackie & Ken Robertson 13 November
Squeak Jeanne & Joe Snyder 19 January
Storm Stephen & Debbie Smith 20 January
Sydney Rebecca Yapejian 18 April
Tano Kathy & Richard Hadrava 15 December
Teia Mary Harrigan 9 November
Tilly Wendy Sparks 6 July
Tobie Sharon Sanborn 11 Cover/November
Toby Amanda Guinn 5 September
Tucker Arianne Haley & Danielle Sparks 2 June
Twiggy Mary McIntyre 7 February
Tyson Cheri Johnston 16 September
Wilson 2007-2022 Shirley & Pete Brown 2 September
Winky Sharon Ciarletta 11 October
Winnie Alycia Morris 7 December
Winnie Nancy Johnson 10 November
Winnie Mary Ann & Josh Saunders 11 March
Wrigley Maureen & Bobby Henderson 4 February
Yoshi Jennifer & Gene Judge 11 July
Yuki Brooke & DyLon McClary 15 Cover/May
Zack Kathy Crocker 6 October
Zeya Brandi Ibarra 19 December
Ziska Donna & William Warner 21 May
Zoey Tiffany Shields 1 March
Zoey 2007-2019 Connie Bisby 6 June

Please see below to view and/or order.

if anyone needs help viewing the calendars, please contact Olesia at:
if anyone needs their EPI pet’s month edited, please contacted Susan at:

Calendar cost/donation is $28 per calendar whether mailed inside or outside the USA, however, shipping charges are not included in the $28 cost

As many of you may know, the Annual EPI Calendar Project is Epi4Dogs main fundraiser.  We depend on this fundraiser to keep Epi4Dogs going. This year Susan and Peanut had to create 21 EPI Calendars, to include all the photos!!!  Thank you Everyone!!!!

All net donations from these calendars will go in their entirety to our 501c3 public charity organization, The Epi4Dogs Foundation.

“Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats.  Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.”

Zero dollars go to administration fees as Epi4Dogs is a 100% volunteer organization.


To view a 2023 Epi4Dogs “EPI” calendar(s) that you are interested in… click on the corresponding link(s) 
1. Then to view an entire calendar after you click on the calendar link, hover over the calendar photo, a magnifying icon will appear in the center of the photo. Click on it.
2. A large version of the calendar will appear on your screen… move your curser to the mid-right side of the picture and an arrow will appear. Click on the arrow to flip the pages of the calendar to view all the months.
3. If you are interested in ordering a calendar(s), instructions will pop up when you are viewing the calendar.
























The 2022 EPI Calendars Results $6,500.00

The 2021 EPI Calendars Results $4,751.00

The 2020 EPI Calendars Results $4,006.50


EPI Alert/Warning Dog Tags

If you are interested in ordering EPI Alert/Warning Dog Tags, Please click on the following link below:–Not-For-Profit_p_135.html

When you click on the link above….. you can read the various dog tag options by highlighting the dog tags 🙂


The 2019 EPI FaceBook Auction Results

The Epi4Dogs Foundation would like to thank all of our members, their friends and family for participating in our 2019 FaceBook Auction.  This was our second FaceBook auction and it was even more successful than the first one.  Thanks to you, we raised $2,250.35, which will go in its entirety to support EPI research and spread awareness/education of EPI.  We hope you had fun and are looking forward to next year’s auction.

Thank You,

Madelon Hale, President
Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc




The 2019 EPI Calendars Results

Thank you to all who participated with their EPI companion in the 2019 EPI Calendar(s).

2019 EPI Calendar Sales Report:  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Thank you THANK YOU to ALL who participated in getting a 2019  EPI Calendar. This year we did something a little differently. The  calendar company not only processed the calendars like they did in the past, but this year they also handled all calendar purchases and deliveries.

2019 Net calendar proceeds (Oct, Nov & Dec 2018) is:  $5,884.13
2018 Net calendar proceeds (entire year) was:               $5,107.16

Increased calendar proceeds = $776.97 

2018 EPI Calendars Accounting

Once again Epi4Dogs had a stellar year on calendar donations!
A huge thank you to everyone who contributed and made the 2018 calendars such a success…..
a $7,861.88 success!!!!!!!!!

The final number are as follows:
 $7,861.88   calendar gross sales
-$1,986.11   calendar production cost
-$199.34      calendar PayPal fees
-$569.27      calendar postage costs
 $ 5,107.16   Net calendar  sales

EPI Members- – Painting’s by Cyril
Cyril Panchevre was born in Anger, France. As a small child he moved with his family to Canada, then to the United States. After serving in the US Marine Corps, Cyril moved to San Antonio, Texas, where a large portion of his family had settled. Even as a child, Cyril showed artistic ability, and his earliest memory is of becoming an artist. Cyril is a self-taught artist, enjoying and focusing on the impressionistic, photo-realism forms of painting. He has recently added animals to his repertoire of people and vehicles of all types. Cyril has also begun teaching others the joy of painting with individuals or in group classes. Photo-realism is a genre of art in which the artist attempts to reproduce a photographic image as realistically as possible in another medium. Cyril will donate 10% of his proceeds to the Epi4dogs Foundation, Inc. when you mention Epi4Dogs at the time of commission.
Please feel free to commission Cyril by contacting him at:      or      210-388-3530
Olesia’s Izzy
Susan’s Butterbean

Michele’s Jackie

EPI4Dogs Cafe Press

NEW !!!!!!   As of September 27, 2014

We have opened up a Cafe Press store with Epi4Dogs products as a way to promote EPI awareness.

Susan’s “ButterBean” quite pleased with her Cafe Press Purchases!!!!!

If you order any products, please be sure to either download/print a copy of the informational EPI Brochures to hand out (located on the Download page EPI4Dogs Downloads ) or contact to mail you a handful of EPI4Dogs Brochures or you can request as many as you need from EnzymeDiane (located at the bottom of the EnzymeDiane order page).

Check out some EPI4Dogs products at Cafe Press….. in order to see all the items and /or buy something (FYI: doggie shirt run a little small)…. please click on this link:

 Buy t-shirts, mugs & gifts from my shop.

or this link: EPI4Dogs Cafe Press

EPI T-shirts…..Out of Stock

The epi4dogs t-shirts in all sizes are out of stock again!  If the demand is great, we will re-order.  These t-shirts were generosity and creativity designed by our staff member, Susan… proud momma to    Miss Butterbean , who touched the hearts of many, Miss Butterbean passed away in 2017, but her legacy will forever live on in the EPI Community.


If you are looking for Enzyme, Diet, B12 or Antibiotic products, recommendations or resources for managing EPI…. please go to “Managing EPI” tab …

…. at the top of your screen. Then in the sub-menus, please select the topic you are interested in regarding products.