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Camouflaging the Enzymes ……

Some EPI dogs turn their heads  away from their food when treated with powdered enzymes for EPI.

Diane (EnzymeDiane) wrote the follownig post where she lists some great ideas to try in this situation… and i am greatfully placing her post on our website for reference. Thank you Diane!!!

“Some EPI dogs just think we are trying to kill them when we put those precious enzymes on their food.  Sometimes we find one thing that works for a bit then have to try something else.  Here are a few suggestions that I have learned over the past years of dealing with EPI….Thankfully I have not had to use any of them as Sarge will eat the enzymes straight if I let him (Okay he did get a bag of them once)”…. Enzyme Diane

  • *Stainless bowls do not harbor the odor of the enzymes.  Ceramic bowls can even have small cracks and harbor the smell.
  •  Let the enzymes you are going to use for a meal “air-out” on the counter for a few minutes before mixing in with the food
  • *Different enzymes smell different.  If the product uses enzymes from Europe they are processed different than those that are from US pancreas glands.
  • *Sometimes mixing the food with more or less water makes the difference.  Some dogs do not like oatmeal and that is okay for some dogs.  Each dog is different.
  • *Try keeping out a handful of kibble and adding it before feeding if your dog likes crunchy food.  Sometimes that is enough crunch to make them eat the mushy stuff too. It all mixes in the stomach and intestines and digests.
  • * Parmesean cheese, Green tripe, peanut butter, gravy, canned sardines/herring, stinky canned cat food, BBQ sauce …all the toppers you can imagine can mask the enzymes….. just put a small amount on top of the food right before they eat
  • *Some dogs still will not eat that food, they think you are killing them.  So capsules can work.  You can buy the generic enzymes and get a capsule filler (approx $20) and stuff them yourself.  You can feed the caspules before you feed the dog.  Now some dogs this will not work as well.  It depends on the pH of the stomach as the enzymes are neutralized by the stomach acid.
  • *Creon can be a lifesaver.  The caspules are made to make it through the stomach acid to the intestines where they replace the digestive enzymes there.
  • *Some dogs do well with a meatball of enzymes and baby food or some other tasty treat fed right before the meal and then given their kibble.
  • *Some dogs do better on raw or canned or home-made food instead of kibble.
  • *some dogs do better with a lower dose of enzymes or have been turned off by the enzymes burning their mouth.  Try rinsing their mouth out with a squirt bottle of water after they eat if this seems to be the problem.
  • *Get another dog that likes to eat.  This may cause your dog to eat first or faster

There are many other tricks out there.  Hang in there I know it is no fun.

FYI:  Green-tripe may be purchased at Dog Food Specialty stores or…. these on-line suppliers: