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EPI “Odor” Survey Results !

These numbers reflect the participation of 412 EPI companion animals…. 405 dogs and 7 cats


What enzymes did you start on?             What enzymes are you using now?

EnzymeDiane 8x           27                                              107 
EnzymeDiane 6x           69                                              153
Other                             44                                                  2
Pancrezyme                  86                                                33
Viokase                         65                                                17
PanaKare Plus              29                                                  9
Pancrex V                     18                                                  6
EPI Pro8                         0                                                  8
EPI Pro6                       10                                                17
CREON 10/12                5                                                 13
CREON 24/25               11                                                  4
Lypex                              6                                                  3
Partnar Health              14                                                12
Pancrea Tab Plus           5                                                  2
Raw Pancreas                2                                                  4
Tryplase                          3                                                  2
BioCase V                     10                                                  6
Chemeyes                      1                                                   5
Panzyme                        5                                                   7
EpiZyme                         2                                                   2


When the enzymes were implemented…. was there an odor???

YES = 254

No   = 158 


What is the approximate amount of enzymes given per cup of food?

Less than 1/2 teaspoon = 40
1/2 teaspoon   = 110
1 teaspoon = 212
2 teaspoons = 19
1-3 tablets = 28
3+ tablets = 1
7/+ tablets = 1
3 ounces Raw Pancreas = 1


What is encouraging about these numbers is that in this market sampling… at least 36% were able to reduce the amount of enzymes needed to adequately maintain their dog’s EPI condition consequently also helps with the expense of the enzymes  



and now the nitty gritty of the survey…..


What did the odor smell like ??????????????????

Cooked Cabbage 17
Vinegar 10
Sour Milk 69
Cat Pee 33
Other 81
Rotten Eggs 21
Feces 23


How long after the enzyme supplementation was started did the odor persist (237 responded to this question) ?

A few days  25
A couple of weeks 24
A few months 33
A year 8
More than a year 14
Odor never went away 133


Where around the dog or cat was the odor apparent ? Select ALL that applies. (there were 348 responses and 637 selections) 

% of 348 responses 

No odor   109 = 31%
The breath 52 =  15%
The muzzle 110 =  32%
The entire head 76 =  22%
The entire body 142 =  41%
Pet Bedding & toys 87 =  25%
Owner’s house & belongings 61  = 18%


Did you change something specifically and noticed that the odor seemed to disappear?  


Approx improvement time? Proofed? 
1 Added Probiotics Acidophilus weeks Yes
1 Added Probiotics FortiFlora weeks Yes
4 Added B12 Injections weeks No
5 Added B12 Wonderlabs “Trinfac” days/weeks No
1 Added B12 Metagenics “IntrinsiB12” days No
3 Added Anti’s Tylan weeks/months No
1 Added Anti’s Metronidazole weeks No
2 Added Acid Reducer Pepcid AC No
3 Added Supplement Coconut Oil weeks No
1 Added Supplement Salmon Oil No
3  Changed Enzymes EnzyymeDiane (Euro) 6x to EnzymeDiane (USA) 6x
1 Changed Enzymes EPI Pro6 to EnzymeDiane 6x
1 Changed Enzymes EnzymeDiane 6x to EPI Pro6
3 Changed Enzymes Pancrezyme to EnzymeDiane 6x
2 Changed Enzymes Pancrezyme to EPI Pro6
4 Changed Enzymes Viokase to EnzymeDiane 6x
1 Changed Enzymes PartnarHealth to EnzymesDiane 6x
1 Changed Enzymes BioCase V to EnzymeDiane 6x
1 Changed Enzymes Pancrex V to Pancrex Granules
11 Changed Diets Various:  

(a) from Prescription food to low fiber food. 
(b) from 1 protein to another protein food. 
(c) from 1 grain free to another grain free food.   


The actual survey form (has since been closed) odor survey 


Results were submitted to Dr. David A. Williams May 8, 2013

The actual survey used to conduct this odor survey study:

JULY 24, 2013
January 15, 2013

Dr. David A. Williams, MA VetMB, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM, Diplomate ECVIM, a Professor at the University of Illinois, would like to develop a research project to evaluate what causes the foul odor that develops in some dogs or cats with EPI when they are treated with pancreatic enzymes, and how best this problem can be treated. As a prelude to this work we would like to more precisely characterize the “odor” that some EPI pet owners experiences when EPI treatment commences. Our long term goal is to work with Dr. Williams to identify the cause of this odor and establish effective strategies to eliminate the order.

EnzymeDiane and are presenting this survey to both their membership, and hopefully, through media-network, other EPI owners will also participate. The only thing we ask of you is to please fill out this survey only once.

If  NO your EPI pet did not experience any odor…. Thanks for helping us out …… the survey is over for you. (there is one little glitch with this… it will not allow you to submit the survey unless you check “No Odor” in this  section… then submit and you are done! )

 Where around the dog (or cat) was the odor apparent? Please select all that apply.
Around the muzzle
Around the entire head
Just the breath
Around the entire body
The dog (or cat’s) bedding and other interactive articles
The room/your house /your belongings
No odor

If  YES your EPI pet did experience an odor…. Please continue helping us out with the remaining questions in this survey.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. A summary of the responses will be posted on:
EnzymeDiane’s website:
epi4dogs website:
So many people have complained over the years about the “odor” … hopefully this survey and 
Dr. William’s  research will help shed some light 
on how we can strategically alleviate that…. “odor”  .
Again, thank you for participating!