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EPI…. found in all breeds, not just the GSD or Rough Coated Collie breed as previously thought………..


There has been a dramatic shift in breeds afflicted with EPI. It previously was predominantly a GSD or a Rough Coated Collie disease. Then it became approximately a 70% GSD disease.  As of 2016, approximatelly 55% of EPI breeds are something other than the GSD!  The tide is changing and we desperately need to understand….. why EPI is happening…..what is triggering it….can we do anything to prevent it????

2012 random collection of breeds with EPI

The following data results were used in a preliminary submission by Dr. Leigh Anne Clark at Clemson University for a proposal on
EPI Research in Breeds Other than the German Shepherd Dog
as of the November 2012  AKC declined funding for this EPI research… but the data not only still stands, but as the years pass, the total of all “other breeds” have over-taken just the GSD breed in being diagnosed with EPI.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated. Your data helped support both of these submission!

In an effort to hopefully help the EPI Geneticists, Drs. Leigh Anne Clark and Kate Tsai at Clemson University, secure additional funding needed to further their EPI genetic Research….epi4dogs requested email submissions from EPI owners identifying the breed of their dog.  The response was beyond over-whelming!!!! THANK YOU!!

In order to gather truly random results, I purposely did not give the specifics of what the funding was for and simply asked for all breeds,  but the stats we needed were to show how many non-GSD breeds are developing EPI.

The results were eye-opening.  Just from our random snapshot data, the pool of non-GSD breeds developing EPI are now becoming greater than just the GSD pool.

Based on data collected from two sources in 2012 (Epi4Dogs & EnzymeDiane) we now know of only 11% of AKC – recognized Pure-bred Canine Breeds that have not yet been diagnosed with EPI

The results are as follows (revised 3/23/12) :

In a random snapshot of time (72 hours) we received 509 responses from TLI confirmed EPI owners:

(1)  From the general population, only 200 were GSDs = 39% GSDs61% were all other breeds

(2)  From the general population , when the 28 GSD mixed breeds were included with the 200 GSDs = 45% were GSD + GSD mixes but 55% were all other breeds

(3)  From the general population, the known 35 non-GSD mixed breeds again surpassed the 28 GSD-mixed breeds by 10%.


BREEDS 2012 List A
(each mix
2012 List B
(all mixes
2012 List C
(all mixes
Shepherd, German (from pred GSD lists only) 106 106  
Shepherd, German (gen’l pop) 129 94 64
Shepherd mixes known & recorded 28    
Shepherd, mixes unknown 5    
….. and 4 cats!      
Airdale     1
Akita 3 2 6
American Eskimo Dog     2
Anatolian Shepherd     2
Australian Kelpie 2 2  
Australian Shepherd Heeler 2 2  
Basenji 2 1 1
Bassett Hound 1 0 1
Beagle 4 0 1
Bearded Collie 1 1 1
Beauceron     1
Bernese Mountain 2 2  
Border Collie 15 10 9
Borzoi     2
Bouvier des Flanders     1
Boxers 2 2 4
Briard     2
Bulldog, English 2 2 1
Bull Dog, French     1
Canaan     1
Cane Corso 1 0  
Catahoola 2 2  
Cattle Dog 11 5 3
Chihuahua 4 3 1
Chinese Crested 2 2 1
Chow 6 1 1
Collie 6 2 3
Corgi 8 6 9
Coton du Tulear 1 1 1
Dalmation 4 2  
Daschund 7 7 6
Doberman 5 4 1
Eurasier 3 3 1
French Brittany     1
German Shorthair Pointer 2 1 1
Golden doodles     2
Great Dane 2 1 8
Great Pyreness 3 3 2
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs 1 1 4
Greyhound 6 3 2
Griffon 1 0  
Havanese 2 1 1
Hound 1 1  
Husky 8 2  
Irish Wolf Hound     1
Japenese Chin     1
Komondor     1
Keeshound 1 0  
Kuvasz     2
Labrador 28 7 10
Labradoodle     1
Malmamute 3 2  
Maltese 3 2  
Mastiff 2 1 3
New Foundland 3 2 7
Norwegian Elk 1 1  
Papillon 2 2  
Pekinese 2 1  
Pinsher, Mini 1 1  
Pit Bull 7 2 1
Pomeranian 2 2  
Poodle 9 3 4
Pug 3 1 2
Retriever 9 3 8
Retriever, Chesapeke Bay 1 1  
Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling 1 1  
Rhodesian Ridgeback 1 1  
Rotweiller 7 5 3
Saluki 2 1  
Samoyed 3 3 1
Schnauzer 4 3 1
Setter, English 2 2  
Setter, Irish 1 0  
Sharpei 1 1  
Sheepdog, Belgium 1 1  
Sheepdog, Shetland (shelties) 8 6 6
Sheepdog, Tervuren     1
Shepherd, Australian 4 1 3
Shepherd, Australian mini     1
Shepherd, Central Asian     1
Shepherd, Shiloh 16 16 20
Shepherd, White 4 3  
Shiba Inu 3 1  
Shitzu 2 0  
Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles 5 5 5
Spaniel, Cocker 6 4 1
Spaniel, English Springer 3 3 1
Terrier, Australian 1 1 1
Terrier, Border 2 1  
Terrier, Boston 6 5  
Terrier, Cairn 6 6 13
Terrier, Jack Russell 8 4  
Terrier, Manchester 1 1  
Terrier, Rat 2 2  
Terrier, Staffordshire (Amer & Bull) 2 2  
Terrier, West Highland 5 5 11
Terrier, Wire Fox 1 1  
Terrier, Yorkshire 3 3 2
Vizsla 1 1 3
Water Dog, Portugese 2 2 4
Water Dog, Spanish 11 11 4
Weimaraner 2 1 2
Whippet 5 3 3
Wolf Hybrid 1 1 1
    non-GSD 332 213 214
    just GSD’s 235 200 64
    all dogs 600 413 278
    and cats have EPI too! 4 4  
% of EPI dogs that are not GSD 55% 51% 77%
List of ALL mixes excluded from B List:      
GSD, Ridgeback,Lab 1    
GSD, Pit, Chow 1    
GSD, Beagle 1    
GSD, Collie 2    
GSD, Chow, Aust Shep, Shiba Inu 1    
GSD, Lab 7    
GSD, Lab, Rottie 1    
GSD, Retriever, Husky 1    
GSD, Whippett 1    
GSD, Husky 3    
GSD, Husky, Whippett, Greyhound 1    
GSD, Terrier 1    
GSD, Lab, Border Terrier 1    
GSD, Cattle Dog 2    
GSD, Wolf Hybrid 1    
GSD, Border Collie, Husky 1    
GSD, Border Collie 1    
GSD, Malmamute 1    
Great Dane, Weimaramer 1    
Lab, Sharpei, Pit 1    
Lab, Border Collie, Saluki 1    
Lab, Dalmation 1    
Lab, Doberman 1    
Lab, Greyhound 2    
Lab, Pit 1    
Lab, Mastiff 1    
Lab, Keeshound 1    
Pug, Jack Russell 1    
Pug, Shitzu 1    
Norwegian Elkhound, Akita, Husky 1    
Basenji, Cattle Dog 1    
Chow, Sheltie 1    
Chow, Newfie, Flatcoat Retriever 1    
Cocker Spaniel, Retriever 1    
Cocker Spaniel, Poodle 1    
Maltese, Poodle 1    
Golden Doodle 1    
Collie, Whippett 1    
Collie, Beagle 1    
Collie, Cattle Dog 1    
Griffon, Boston Terrier 1    
Corgi, Chihuahua 1    
Corgi, Border Collie 1    
Jack Russell, Beagle 1    
Jack Russell, Shiba Inu 1    
Schnuaser, Bassett, Beagle 1    
Sheltie, Australian Shepherd 1    
Poodle, Shitzu 1    
Labradoodle 1    
Pitt, Corso 1    
Retriever, Irish Setter 1    
            total mixes 62    
            GSD mixes 28    


 Although not a “controlled” study, this data is very telling…….

List A:

Is ALL the dogs…. with the mixed breeds included…. the way i calculated List A with the mixed breed is, for example if a mixed breed came in that was part GSD, Dobie, Husky…. then i gave EACH breed (GSD, Dobie, Husky) 1 credit to cover all the breeds since this is one way of looking at it because we do not know for sure which specific breed might be a possible carrier.  Data collected was in 72 hours by EPI owners write-in emails.

List B:
Is the same list as List A but with ALL the mixed breeds excluded. Only known single breeds were included in this list.  A list of all the mixes and included it at the bottom of the data sheet so you can see the actual numbers of the GSD mixes (28) and the greater list of non-GSD mixes (34) that also have EPI. Data collected in 72 hours by EPI owners write-in emails.

List C:
This list is not from the email blast this weekend but rather from Enzyme Diane’s list of who purchases enzymes from her that she had the dog’s breed listed for in her database. This data she already had. We thought it might be telling to see two different sets of data.

Too often a dog is not properly diagnosed with EPI because no one even suspects that EPI may be a possibility if the dog is not a German Shepherd Dog.
The following is an ongoing (started in 2010) of confirmed EPI dogs that was compiled by epi4dogs and EnzymeDiane of dogs that we know of that currently have EPI. This list has since been updated 5/7/2017:


Akita Inu
Alaskan Malamute
American Cocker Spaniel
American King Shepherd
Anatolian Shepherd
Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd
Australian Terrier
Bassett Hound
Bearded Collie
Belgian Malinois
Belgiian Sheepdog
Belgian Tervuren
Bichon Frise
Black Labrador
Black Russian Terrier
Border Collie
Border Terrier
Bouvier des Flanders
Brittany Spaniel
Cairn Terrier
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cattle dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Central Asian Shepherd
Chinese Crested
Chinese Sharpie
Chow Chow

Coton du Tulear

English Bulldog
English Cocker Spaniel
English Setter
French ( European) Brittany
French Bull dog
German Shepherd dog
Giant Schnauzer
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
Great Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Irish Setters
Jack Russell
Japanese Chin

Mini Dachshund
Miniature Australian Shepherd
Miniature Schnauzer
Neapolitan Mastiff
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pit Bull
Portuguese Water Dog
Rat Terrier
Red Heeler
Rough Coated Collie
Shetland Sheepdog
Shiloh Shepherd
Short-Haired red mini-Dachshund
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Spanish Water Dog
Spanish Mastiff
Spinone Italiano
Springer Spaniel
Standard Dachshund
Swiss Mountain
West Highland Terrier
White German Shepherd
Wire Hair Dachshund
Wolf Hybrid
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Yorkshire Terrier
Any of the above breed mixed with another are all susceptible to having EPI. The below is a list of actual mixed breeds that we are personally aware of:


Anatolian Shepherd/Malamute mix
Australian Cattle Dog/ Beagle mix
Aussie/Border Collie mix
Australian Shepherd/Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix
Beagle Dachshund mix
Beagle/Catahoula leopard hound mix
Black Lab BC mix
Black Lab/Shephard mix
Border Collie mixes
Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix
Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix
Boxer/Rotteiler/Pitt Bull mix
Boxer/Shepherd/Basenji mix
Catahoula Leopard mix
Cattle dog mix
Chihuahua Dachshund mix
Chow/Hound mix
Doberman English mix
English Shepherd/Ausse/Border Collie mix
German Shepherd / Beagle mix
German Shepherd/Chow Mix
German shepherd/Collie/Retriever mix
German Shepherd/ Lab mix
German Shepherd dog + any variety of mixes
Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix

Golden Retriever/Brittany Spaniel mix
Golden Retriever/Standard poodle mix
Golden retriever/chow chow mix
Great Pyrenese,Eng Bull dog mix
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog-Border Collie mix
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog mix
Greyhound/ GSD mix
Italian/Greyhound/Dachshund (mini) mix
King Shepherd and Labrador mix
Labrador, Hound mix
Vizsla mix
Labrador/Golden mix
Lab + any mix
Lhasa Apso /Sheltie mix
Mastiff / Labrador/ Dachshund/Terrier mix
Nova Scotia Duck Toller/Border Collie mix
Pitt bull / Labrador mix
Poodle Jack Russell mix
Poodle Shih-Tzu mix
Schnauzer/Basset hound mix
Shar Pei/Terrier mix
Shepherd-Hound mix
Shepherd / Cattle dog mix
Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix
Terrier/Golden Retriever mix
Westie Poo mix