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Possible Porcine Allergy

If you suspect your EPI companion has a true pork allergy, you can use BEEF powdered enzymes, or raw beef or lamb pancreas.  The only thing to be aware of is that when using other animal enzymes (powdered) instead of pig enzymes….. you often have to use more of the enzymes to get the same effect.  Try 1+1/2 times more and watch the feces elimination to assess if you are using enough.

Some also have an allergy to pork and beef in which case, other animal pancreas can still be used/tried…. but again…more may be needed.




Possible Alternatives to try when an EPI pet has a pork allergy:

First, you can try other species pancreas as mentioned above such as: raw lamb pancreas, ox pancreas, you can ever try deer pancreas (yes someone did this and it worked) and of course beef pancreas.With these other species pancreas you usually have to use much more of these other types of pancreas vs. pig pancreas.  For example, with beef pancreas, start with 1+1/2 times of the amount you would use with pig pancreas… and you may even have to use more!

You can try plant enzymes … either by giving a reduced amount of pig enzymes with added plant enzymes or… if the pork allergy is really severe, then try all plant enzymes.   Some people have used plant enzymes alone and they actually worked (temporarily), but in every case, they only worked for a limited amount of time, whether just a few weeks, months, or we have even had a few “small” dogs” where plant enzymes alone worked for almost a couple of years, but in each case…. a time came where the plant enzymes weren’t enough to continue working and they had to resort back to pig enzymes.

Some plant enzymes to try would be:

Dr. Goodpet
Dr. Goodpet actually worked better then the 1st two for one of our EPI members

Also… go online and buy Ox Bile enzymes add to whatever mix you settle on and see if this further helps things.

Also consider as another option, giving your pet pork/pig antigen allergy shots or antigen drops that you vet might recommend 

And last but not least…and probably the most viable option is to talk to your vet about trying CREON… which although it is made from pig pancreas, it is enteric coated product and over the years, some folks who’s dog appeared to have pig allergies … was able to tolerate the CREON without any problem… Of course if you do use CREON you will have to play around with it until you find a dosing technique that works for your dog.  The problem is that CREON is designed to work in accordance with the pH level (about 4/+) in the human digestive tract.  Unfortunately, the pH in the dog’s digestive tract is more like 1…. SO… we advise trying different ways of giving the CREON.  Start with CREON 10 or 12  (1) open the capsule, sprinkle the enteric coated pellets onto the food and serve immediately (2) give the CREON capsule whole about 3 to 5 minutes prior to the dog eating (3) give the CREON whole when the dog is about ½ way thru with it’s meal.  If these options help but it is not working about 100%… increase the CREON dosage to two CREON 10 (10,000) . Of course there is no guarantee that this will work with your dog’s allergies but well worth trying.