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Thank you so much for this wonderful website. Our Rough Collie Lucky was sick and after reading the information on your website I was convinced that he had EPI and after convincing our vet to test for EPI it was confirmed. (A lot of tests was done before testing for EPI and our vet was convinced that it could not be EPI as he is not a german shephard) Lucky fell from 23 kg at a age of around 1 year old to 17.2 kg in a matter of weeks. Since starting treatment 2 months ago his weight is up to 19.4 kg and he is just a ball of energy. He is not gaining weight as fast as we hoped, but he is only 17 months old and he is like a energiser bunny. This wesite saved his life and I would like to thank you for the time and effort that was put into creating this website. We live in South Africa and the products and information available here is very limited.