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I have a beautiful Maltese, Eva. She will be 4 in March. In July this year she started to poo too often. After a stressful four months and lots of sleepless nights and tearful days we are finally, hopefully turning the corner. Eva had the TLI blood test as well as allergy tests which as she is also allergic to certain foods confused diagnosis for a while but she i now confirmed to having EPI. I was soooo disappointed, devastated to tell you the truth, infact I refused to believe it! After reading your forums and all the fantastic info on the website I managed to accept things an understand things better. The website as been a godsend. I could not have got Eva back to health without it. My vet has been ok but didnt know all the little things that make big differences eg incubating the enzymes, feeding 150% etc. I started reducing the feed to twice a day today and hopefully we will get some sort of life back! Along with a cuddly happy dog again. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Not only has the site been so helpful to me to refer to and keep me sane in the last four to five months but tonight when I wanted to ask about spaying Eva I mailed Olesia and she replied to me within an hour! You are an angel in disguise Olesia, i would have felt soooo alone without you site and precise info. Eva sends you a big Scottish healthy wet kiss! X