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I’d like to introduce my dog, Jersey, to the club! I was so happy to encounter the Chunky Monkey club. 

Jersey is a 4 year old border collie originally from Edmonton, AB, Canada, and was diagnosed with EPI at 1.5 years old in the summer of 2020. It was a worrisome summer, as my young, energetic pooch turned into a frail, fatigued being that felt more like a skeleton than dog. Her body condition deteriorated quickly (as we were investigating the peculiar bowel movements) as did her interest in most of lives great things (squirrels, balls, runs). Her favourite hobbies quickly became trying to steal food off of dinner plates, being carried around, and coprophagia. 

Once her diagnosis was solidified, her stools did the same; the enzymes took immediate action. Since 2020, she has been well maintained, shown great success with oral B12 vitamins, and has even surpassed her incredibly athletic body condition for a ‘softer’ appearance, which we first recognized in October 2022. Her raincoat no longer fits which is a problem, as we now living on the rainy west coast of British Columbia, Canada!!