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1-29-2001 to 5-25-2010

Zeke came to us almost 4 years ago, full of life and vibrant energy. He brought along with him a considerable bag of charms to steal our hearts away. It is these charms and the memories we created while he was with us that will give us solace in our grief now that he is roaming the grounds at the Rainbow Bridge. Zeke also came to us with a medical condition that led his previous family to surrender him, and when we were asked to bring Zeke into our family, we promised to shelter him with tenderness, love him while he was with us and care for him in the very best way possible.  Zeke taught us many things and we learned many more while treating his condition, but the most important thing we learned was to enjoy each day to its fullest as we do not know which will be the last. While the grief at times seems unbearable and we still often get a tear in our eye when we are reminded of him, we do not consider the investment of love that we gave him to be in vain. We will forever treasure the memories of Zeke and the happiness that he brought to our family, and one day the grief will pass and we will be able to rejoice in his antics with all those whose life Zeke had such an impact on. Give your dog a hug and do something special with them today, it will be a memory that will help carry you through the grief that will come when God comes calling and your friend passes to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for you there.

Loved by Mart, Cindy & BJ Ratliff and all those who were ever blessed to know him