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 7/16/2012 – 8/15-2013


 The definition of “moxie” is “to face difficulty with spirit and courage.” THAT was my Moxi! I know our pups find us for a reason.  I have the assurance of knowing what that reason was. Moxi came to heal our family of our broken hearts after losing our 12 year old yellow lab, Biskit, a few months before.

 We were blessed every day by our spastic little furball.  Even on her darkest days Moxi’s spirit filled the room. She was never one to plan ahead where she would land when she jumped and constantly fascinated by all things bugs…fluttering, flying, and buzzing.

 My poor baby had the deck stacked against her from the beginning.  The runt of the litter, she contracted Parvo and survived, suffered through recurrent UTI’s, then EPI and even demodectic mange due to her weakened immune system.  At barely one year old it was kidney failure unrelated to EPI that claimed our sweet girl.  She fought through all of it with spirit, love, and yes, moxie!  I always said she never gave up, so I wouldn’t give up on her, but I couldn’t ask her to fight any more.  She was an amazing puppy willing to endure so much to teach us how to love again. Moxi’s journey is done, but our road goes on.’ll always be in my heart, Pat