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Griffey – Golden Retriever
June 14, 2009 ~ April 4, 2011 

Griffey Jr. was named in honor of my favorite baseball player, Ken Griffey Jr. from the Seattle Mariners. I believe he could have even played for the M’s as well considering their desperate need for wins and decent talent. His devotion to the sport of ‘catch’ was epitomized by his uncanny ability to make ridiculous ‘golden’ glove grabs at the park, in centerfield of course. He taught me so many things, and as I trained him, he trained me, to be a better owner, son, and person.

I will remember how he used to lick every inch of my face in the morning, hoping that maybe my sweat might magically turn into gravy.
I will remember how he used to eat every morsel of food, or any substance for that matter placed near his nose or mouth in less than 4.6 seconds.

I will remember our dance parties we used to have in my living room, where Griffey gave new meaning to the style ‘running man’
I will miss his puppy hugs and how he used to rest his face on my knee when he needed to go outside.
I will miss his smiling face and his happy go lucky attitude towards any other dog or person he met.
I will miss how you destroyed every new toy or bed or stuffed animal I purchased, only to smile at me when I would find it, to say ‘hey dad! Look what I did!’

I will miss his alarm system barks that warned me of any intruders or just to show me that he had a big dog voice now.
I know he is not suffering any more and that he is making so many new doggy friends along his journey over the bridge. I will always love him, miss him, and cherish is memories, good or bad. So god speed little Griffey, you were only here for a short time and gone way too soon.

You were my best friend and always will be.

I will meet you soon.

Love, your best friend and partner in crime, Sean.