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Darcy (aka Farfel)

1/23/2004 ~ 7/19/2017

 This dog. I fell in love with Darcy (aka Farfel) from the moment I saw his sad eyes looking out from that giant kennel, bright pink skin from allergy and infection, neglected by his owner for reasons I cannot fathom. Darcy was a once in a lifetime dog. I was his person and he made sure that I knew it. He made me laugh most every day in the 9 years I got to have him. He was a troublemaker – he liked to hump the other dogs, start scuffles, engage them in mischief, always getting into something -, but was equally as sweet.

His watery eyes, crazy fur from the allergies he suffered, sway back and flipper feet only made him cuter, only made me love him more. He had the most joyful soul of any dog I’ve ever known. He sang, not because of sirens in the distance, but from the sheer pleasure of it. A regular serenade that I’m sure made the neighbors wonder. He was always wherever I was, staring at me until I would notice, and then swirling his tail as if to say, ‘just making sure you’re ok’. 

I have thought many times of the email I received from KC Sheltie Rescue titled, “the saddest dog I’ve ever seen” with photos of Darcy, sick, sad, struggling, and in need of a foster. Who would have guessed looking at those photos that he was really the happiest boy and full of joy for life?

What else can I say about a dog whose entire life was spent trying to make mine more joyful? I’m not quite sure I will ever stop missing him. I can’t imagine it right now.

Farfel, you were the gift of joy and happiness that I didn’t always deserve. How I wish I could have fixed you. Rest now, sweet little man.