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My German shepherd was diagnosed approximately 8 months ago, and I was the one that had to figure out what was wrong with him. I had him tested the summer of 2017 and they did blood work, x-rays, stool sample and couldn’t find anything wrong with him. I was told he was just an energetic puppy. In 2018 I started doing my own research because he was skin and bones and ate nonstop, I come across this site by a description of his stool. I then took him back to the vet and ask them to test him for EPI they said they doubted that’s what he had however when the test came back it was positive. They had never had a case of it before however when I called back in to try to get some help and answers they said they’d had another case that week. They didn’t have any advice, I cried all weekend, didn’t know what I was going to do, I couldn’t afford to take care of him, I had bought one bottle of powder from the vet and was just lost on what to do. I came back out to this site and read everything I possibly could I compared all the dog foods came up with the one that was in our area that I thought I could afford and reached out to the president of this site about Diane’s enzyme. She got in touch with Diane for me and she sent me a package of enzyme powder in memory of Maggie. This has been a life saver I was so lost without this site, all my family was telling me that I had to put him down, he is only 3 years old and I just couldn’t do that. I have 3 other German shepherds, and it has been a trial to get them all to eat from their own bowls but we’ve managed. I wish I had a before picture but I didn’t take one, he is so healthy now and weighs just as much as my other dogs if not more. This website and the people involved saved my dogs life!