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In 2020, I took in an Egyptian stray dog puppy – Jolie. She had a bad leg injury and we eventually had to amputate her leg. When she had just recovered, she started losing weight, having diarrhoea all the time and showing relentless appetite, eating anything that crossed her way.

Despite several visits to different vets and various medications, her situation would just not improve and she kept losing more and more weight until she only weighed 10kg.

One day, the vet told me her symptoms reminded him of another case he saw several years back, a dog that had a rare disease called EPI. I did some more research on my own and eventually came across this website, which was perfectly describing Jolie’s behavior and symptoms.

With testing for EPI not available in Egypt, I simply proceeded and ordered a box of Enzyme Powder from the US as it was my last hope anyways. And it was exactly what Jolie needed! She gained back 7kg over just two weeks and gained her energy back right away!

Ever since she is healthy and living her best life. Thinking back at the times she was sick, I remember the helplessness I felt but also the hope that I gained from this website and all the testimonials. That’s why I wanted to share my experience here as well, hoping it would help someone else to keep fighting for his or her loved one.