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One year ago I found this site by listing all my dogs symptoms on a google search. After reading your good advice and testimonials, I had my vet do both the TLI and the Cobalamine tests on Frodo after he was already half his weight and dying on me. Believe it or not my profile picture was taken a couple of weeks after he was diagnosed with EPI. He is so furry you could only tell he was all bones by touching him. Today I was trying on his Halloween costume (the very same cape) and it didn’t fit anymore!!! I’m so grateful to all of you EPI mom’s and pop’s for helping me to manage Frodo’s EPI even if I have not participated in forums or shared my story, you are always here for support (every time I start to write I end up crying so hard I have to stop). Today Frodo weighs his ideal 10 pounds and its all because of you!!!