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I have been meaning to write a thank you for over a year. My baby girl, Eva, was starving and crying and wasting away. There was no solution until someone mentioned the possibility of a rare condition and Google led me to salvation. This website was my, and my vet’s, resource for all EPI information. Neither of us had heard of it before. We quickly got medication to kill the bacteria stealing her nutrients and enzymes to help her digest her food. Thank you for Diane’s Enzymes. It was a long, hard journey but she is so happy and healthy now I can’t imagine her as she was. She got down to around 50lbs (I don’t want to look it up to rehash it, sorry) and is now 75lbs!! She was skin and bones and test after test came back negative while she cried for food even after just finishing. It took months for me to recover the sleep I lost over the month of trial and error. I now tell anyone I hear with a dog that has any one symptom, to look into EPI and help make others aware. Thank you.