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When i first got the diagnosis that my sweet boy had EPI I couldn’t do anything but look at him and just Cry. He’s 15 months old and a beautiful German shepherd, I felt alone and just devastated on “what did I do wrong”. He’s my husband and I’s first fur baby and I couldn’t imagine “lessening his life” all I wanted was to give him what he deserves as a new EPI mom (we were diagnosed 2 weeks ago) we have started enzymes and sarge is starting to gain a few pounds back, not going to the bathroom as much as he did but we’re still haven’t the diarrhea cow patty like, slowly but surely he’s doing better day by day. As much as we don’t want our babies to have this horrific condition it’s nice to know my husband and I aren’t facing it alone, I’ve learned so much within the hour i scoped through this website. I will keep everyone posted on our journey like you all have been doing, think about us as we have another vet appointment tomorrow morning.