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I rescued Duke from a gentleman on Craigslist. Half Ridgeback, half Boxer, he was pretty thin when I went to meet him. It was in the first week I knew there was a problem with my new 4 legged baby. His stools were loose and yellow. I went through a month of cooking the ‘bland’ diet and giving him worming meds that he didn’t need (at the recommendation of the vet, eventhough he tested negative for worms and parasites). I was watching my beautiful boy waste away and sleep 23 hours a day. After doing research online, I came across this site and was shocked to see he had ALL the symptoms of EPI! My vet never mentioned it at all. I ordered the sample which has lasted 2 weeks, and in that short amount of time, my boy has gained weight and has so much energy! You’ve given me a great, loving, HEALTHY dog!! Thank you so very much!!