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I became aware of your EPI4Dogs website when my rat terrier, Jack, was ill. Although he ultimately tested negative for EPI, he has many of the symptoms, and his vet and I have been able to successfully manage his absorption and diarrhea problems and bring his weight up with the same treatments that seem to work for EPI. Olesia is going to post Jack?s Primal Frozen diet on the food page, so I won?t copy it here. But I wanted to say thanks so much for this website. Whatever Jack has, following the guidelines on your site has turned him around, and I’m so grateful. He is up from 10.7 pounds (the vet wanted him at 14) to 15 pounds and down from eating 12 ounces a day to 9 ounces. The day he gained enough weight that I had to buy him the next size up collar (and he’s still a slim dog) was one of the happiest days I’ve had since he got sick. And I really don’t miss haven’t to bring latex gloves and paper towels on his walks to clean up the poop.