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This site was mine (and my dogs) lifesaver. Remington was a healthy, happy 1 year old full blooded pittie who out of the blue started wasting away and staying sick. Almost a year passed and I had no answers. Vet’s kept saying “change his food” or “he has worms” but I knew something else was wrong. However, no amount of research could help me until 1 thing happened. He pooped, it was worse than ever, with blood and FLESH. Yes, I said flesh. Naturally, I went into panic and decided to google “Flesh in stool.” BAM! Here this website was. As soon as I started reading I knew this was what he had. I knew 100%. My vet was shocked as she had no clue that EPI could happen to pitties. Test results came back positive. Luckily, I caught it before SIBO or b-12 issues started. Remington was 37 lbs on August 27 (1 day before his 2nd birthday). I now have him on California Naturals Lamb & Brown Rice & use powdered enzymes for his food every day. He is now a happy, healthy, 60 lbs. Thanks so much!!!!!