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Last Call for 2023 EPI Calendars!

Posted: 02 Dec 2022, 10:42
by Olesia711
Hi everyone,

The 2023 EPI calendars will only be available to order until December 31, 2022.

Please go here to view (and order, if you would like to) the calendars:
These calendars are our major annual fundraiser - - please help support Epi4Dogs


For those that were interested in your EPI companion (dog or cat) being a participant in the 2023 EPI calendar(s) … we hope you submitted a picture!!!! Time to order the 2023 Calendars is slipping by fast..... as they will only be available intil December 31, 2022....

On the EPI Products page, if interested, a direct link will be provided for you to order your calendar directly from CreatePhotoCalendar.

Calendar cost is $28 per calendar + shipping cost.

All net donations from these calendars will go in their entirety to our 501c 3 public charity organization: The Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.

A full accounting of the calendar fundraiser will be posted on the Epi4Dogs website. As in the past, we will continue to allocate calendar donations completely to EPI Research and EPI Awareness and we will continue to distribute all donations in the same manner.

“Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats. Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.”

Zero dollars go to administration fees as Epi4Dogs is a 100% volunteer organization.

Re: Last Call for 2023 EPI Calendars!

Posted: 31 Jan 2023, 01:55
by Janesbenth
Thanks a lot for the helpful information you bring. Hope you will always give everyone as many great posts as possible in the future.