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Loan of enzymes in Windsor/Ontario PLEASE

Posted: 20 Feb 2022, 23:09
by Olesia711
Hi everyone,

If anyone in in Canada can sell a small amount of enzymes to Teresa Lewin (Windsor/Ontario / Canada) until her order comes in from EnzymeDiane for her service dog who was just diagnosed with EPI from chronic pancreatitis, we'd appreciate it.

Teresa Lewin on Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. FACEBOOK: ... e_internal
Windsor Ontario Canada:

I do need some help getting enzymes until I can get Diane's great stuff. Anyone in the Windsor area have a little enzymes
that i may purchase until i can order from Diane?

My Maxlightnig-a community service dog.

Teresa LewinEpi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.

Its been a few years since I have been here... I had Quinton 'Q'. He passed away from complications of EPI.
My Max now has EPI. He is my fully trained service dog, detection dog extraordinaire. He can find live missing people and passed away people. He can find any odour I give him. Match to sample.
It progressed from pancreatitis to full on EPI yesterday.
A change in diet is all it took.