Everything is good

Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats. Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.
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Everything is good

Post by Eddiespaghetti » 04 Mar 2024, 20:41

I am sitting in the hospital from a burst appendix and I consistently reminded how much this forum helped Eddie and me. My partner is at home taking care of him but he is doing super well again. The set back in December seems to be gone and he is putting on weight again.
I know it's tough to not panic when your fur buddy is not doing well, but sometimes they just need time and consistency. There is some incredible, knowledgeable people here and they will help however they can.
I just wanted to stay thank you everyone again and I will probably be signing off for a couple days, or at least be around less.

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Re: Everything is good

Post by jilbert57 » 05 Mar 2024, 09:50

Take care of yourself. So glad Eddie is feeling good. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with other members.

My name is Jill and we live on the Hood Canal in Washington State. We currently have 2 Jack russells, TJ is 8 and Sadie is 2.

Mickey and his pancreatitis brought me to Epi4dogs.com site in 2012 to help manage it.
He lived from 6/99 - 8/2014

Mickey, Jack Russell. Chronic Pancreatitis. Dianes enzymes, 1/8t 3x/day with meals.

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Re: Everything is good

Post by Greyden » 05 Mar 2024, 11:39

Get Well Jeremy!
Thinking of you and sending all positive thoughts your way! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
Greyden aka Gwen & Eve
Dot is our day blind 3 1/2 year old half Idaho Shag half Australian Cattle Dog. She was diagnosed with EPI in late January 2024. We continue to try to figure out her best protocol.....

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