STEP-BY-STEP: How to follow a topic

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STEP-BY-STEP: How to follow a topic

Post by Mister Admin » 30 Jun 2018, 22:23

There are a number of ways to follow topics and receive notifications of replies to topics and posts.

Method 1.
To follow a topic or thread click on the spanner icon located throughout the forum. An email will be sent when the topic receives a new reply. Unsubscribe in the same way.


Notification settings can be managed in the 'Notifications' area linked to on the horizontal navigation next to your member name top right.


Method 2. When composing or editing a post or reply a tabbed menu will appear underneath the Rich Text Editor.

In the 'Options' tab click on the 'Notify me when a reply is posted' checkbox to receive email alerts.


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Re: STEP-BY-STEP: How to follow a topic

Post by Olesia711 » 20 Aug 2022, 23:19

Excellent and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olesia, was owned by Izzy, a 35lb Spanish Water Dog (SWD), Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.. Izzy passed away on February 13, 2020 at 15 years old. She lived with EPI for 13+1/2 years. It was because of Izzy that Epi4Dogs was started... she was the inspiration. May her legacy of helping others with EPI continue for as long as needed.........

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