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Chunky Monkey Club

Exclusive membership for the 'overachievers'

Welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!

This is a fun page…… the Chunky Monkey Club… was started for EPI Dogs because so many of us started on this journey with dogs looking like they were knocking on deaths door….and we were scared….very scared that our babies just were not going to make it!  And then, once we found the balance to managing EPI they stopped losing weight…. then they started to gain weight…. and many (much to our pleasure) gained and gained…. and gained some more weight!  AND THEN…. many of us even had to put our once starving dog on a D-I-E-T!!!!!  Can you imagine?  So this “Chunky Monkey Club” was started in fun to simply celebrate !
New members: (to include your dog’s name (and picture if you’d like) please email to: and they will be uploaded here).

Founding CMC member…Olesia’a Izzy

Epi4dogs was started because of this plain, little, brown dog who was the first Spanish Water Dog world-wide to be diagnosed with EPI….EPI???? What is EPI?  I had no idea back then…..all i knew is that my little dog was sick, she only weighed 27lbs and i thought she was going to die.  After we got her on the right treatment, time flew by and my plain little brown dog got healthier and healthier…. she now hovers around 48/+ lbs and has had to go on a diet 4 times and at 7 years old is still playful and embraces life!


Donna and William’s “Onza” …… now a pleasantly plump princess !!!!

… yep….. just ask her, “Onza” will gladly tell you all about her EPI journey and just how wonderful it is to be feelin’ so good now!



Shirl’s “Pixie” went from 11.2 lbs to 19.5.  We had already cut back her food when she reached around 18 lbs, so we had to cut back even more!  Now she’s down to 18.7 which is pretty good for her size, not too skinny and not too chunky.


Tripp (American Staffordshire Terrier) in February 2013 weighing 10 lbs. at 6 mos.  He had a broken leg and pelvis from abuse, yeast infection from ear mites and demodetic mange.  He was diagnosed in May and began treatment with antibiotic, B12 and enzymes.

October 2013 – 14 mos. old and weighs 46 lbs.  All prior injuries and infections healed.  He is a happy and playful boy now.  Still on Enzymediane and B12.  His ideal weight is about 40 – 45 lbs.  He has been cut from 4 cups of kibble a day to 3 cups of kibble a day.  Thankfully, no SIBO since July.

The last picture is my favorite of him.

Tripp and his mommy are forever grateful to Olesia, epi4dogs, Enzymediane and Dr. Snell.

~Barbara… owned by Tripp~


And yet another Chunky Monkey member… Alyssa’s dog “Vito” who went from 58lbs to a whopping 90LBS!  Wheeee!


Nicole’s Kain is now a member of the Chunky Monkey Club also… and this membership is extra special since Kain was one of those… ahem…shall we say “slightly fussy” eaters! But here he is now, 76lbs (his goal weight was 75lbs) YEAH Kain !!! His meals have now been reduced to 3-1/2 cups of dry food a day / broken down into 2 meals, first is 2 cups, second is 1-1/2 cups.


And Susan’s “ButterBean” certainly belongs in the Chunky Monkey Club too!! Vet recently said he’d never believe it’s the same dog if he didn’t know better!