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Chunky Monkey Club

Exclusive membership for the 'overachievers'

Welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!

This is a fun page…… the Chunky Monkey Club… was started for EPI Dogs because so many of us started on this journey with dogs looking like they were knocking on deaths door….and we were scared….very scared that our babies just were not going to make it!  And then, once we found the balance to managing EPI they stopped losing weight…. then they started to gain weight…. and many (much to our pleasure) gained and gained…. and gained some more weight!  AND THEN…. many of us even had to put our once starving dog on a D-I-E-T!!!!!  Can you imagine?  So this “Chunky Monkey Club” was started in fun to simply celebrate !
New members: (to include your dog’s name (and picture if you’d like) please email to: and they will be uploaded here).

Founding CMC member…Olesia’a Izzy

Epi4dogs was started because of this plain, little, brown dog who was the first Spanish Water Dog world-wide to be diagnosed with EPI….EPI???? What is EPI?  I had no idea back then…..all i knew is that my little dog was sick, she only weighed 27lbs and i thought she was going to die.  After we got her on the right treatment, time flew by and my plain little brown dog got healthier and healthier…. she now hovers around 48/+ lbs and has had to go on a diet 4 times and at 7 years old is still playful and embraces life!


Alan’s EPI dog Brandy has also joined the coveted ranks of “The Chunky Monkey Club”

This is Brandy when she was first diagnosed with EPI in March 2012 weighing only 50lbs
… and this is Brandy 6 months later, September 2012, weighing in at 73lbs

Brandy, whelped 5/16/10. Purebred Sable GSD DDR Female (Spayed). Diagnosed EPI March 2012 at <50lbs.

Went thru the SIBO routine and got it cleared up with Tylan (Tylosin) 40 day regime.

Feeding: Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Coastal Catch, 3x day – 1.5cup each. EnzymeDiane’s 6x – 1/2 tsp each feeding. TRINFAC-B Intrinsic Factor – 1 cap daily. Occasionally, as a topper, I add a couple spoons of Solid Gold Canned Green Tripe or Sardines in water or Tunafish. She loves it!

As of July 2012 she is doing GREAT and over 60lbs.
**Started feeding without incubation on Jul 17th and no problems.**
**Reduced feeding to twice daily on Aug 14th (as she was near her optimal weight).**
** Sept 4th, weighed in at 73 pounds (optimal weight for her size).**

Thanks to Olesia for this wonderful Site and the folks that participate in it. You ALL saved my Brandy. Also a BIG THANKS to Diane & Sarge (RIP). 


This is Jed, diagnosed with EPI at age 2, weigh 66 lbs.  Now 7 1/2 years old and slimmed down to a nice 100 lbs from 106 lbs. Amazing, eh?!                  Leslee and one very much loved Jed


This is our sweet Ebi. When she was diagnosed she weighed only 36 pounds at
about 9 months. Today she is up to 60 pounds!!!!! Although she still needs to
gain another 8 to 10 pounds … and gaining weight is a struggle with her

In our eyes, she has achieved her personal Chunky Monkey status… going from 36 to 60
…….Ebi’s lovin’ mom, Molly


Orion was diagnosed with EPI October of 2011 at the age of  9months.  He went from 66 lbs down to 54.6. As of April 16th 2012 his current weight is 72.1 lbs. and gaining !! He is playing and having fun again. It’s been a long journey and I’ve learned a lot thanks to all of you at the EPI4dogs website.

Patty and Orion


This is Alan’s dog Sky who now weighs in at a whopping 32 kgs!!!! (70+ lbs) … and proud to be a Chunky Monkey member!


…..another addition to the Chunky Monkey Club is…. drum roll please…..Kelli’s “Addie”
Addie dropped down to a frightening 25 lbs … but with proper treatment for EPI…. she came roaring back and is now tipping the scales at 40lb… and weighs more now than she ever has – -even before EPI !