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Chunky Monkey Club

Exclusive membership for the 'overachievers'

Welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!

This is a fun page…… the Chunky Monkey Club… was started for EPI Dogs because so many of us started on this journey with dogs looking like they were knocking on deaths door….and we were scared….very scared that our babies just were not going to make it!  And then, once we found the balance to managing EPI they stopped losing weight…. then they started to gain weight…. and many (much to our pleasure) gained and gained…. and gained some more weight!  AND THEN…. many of us even had to put our once starving dog on a D-I-E-T!!!!!  Can you imagine?  So this “Chunky Monkey Club” was started in fun to simply celebrate !
New members: (to include your dog’s name (and picture if you’d like) please email to: and they will be uploaded here).

Founding CMC member…Olesia’a Izzy

Epi4dogs was started because of this plain, little, brown dog who was the first Spanish Water Dog world-wide to be diagnosed with EPI….EPI???? What is EPI?  I had no idea back then…..all i knew is that my little dog was sick, she only weighed 27lbs and i thought she was going to die.  After we got her on the right treatment, time flew by and my plain little brown dog got healthier and healthier…. she now hovers around 48/+ lbs and has had to go on a diet 4 times and at 7 years old is still playful and embraces life!



Sylvie’s Apollo….

Apollo was diagnosed in july 2010 with epi at the age of one year. I insisted to have him tested and was tired of being told it was just sensitivity or ibs or gastro…..   His TLI score for epi came back at literally at “0”.

The first picture is of Apollo weighing 75 lbs. He was immediately started on raw pancreas and showed improvement within 2 days!

The second picture is of Apollo weighing 110 lbs after being treated with enzyme-diane’s pancreatin 8x and raw pancreas. Apollo does better on a combination rather than just raw pancreas or pancreatin 8x.

Apollo got “tubby” for a while and we actually had to reduce his weight!!!

Apollo is now 4 years old and is gorgeous! I thank god every day for epi4dogs website and wealth of available information!!

Sylvie Seaward
Carberry, Manitoba Canada


The first Spanish Mastiff world-wide to be diagnosed with EPI!

Brenda’s Patron before and after shots.  

The enzymes from Diane are great, Just opened up the bag this week and started on them, after finishing the other manufacturer’s enzymes. Costco Kirkland Grain Free Beef Meal & Sweet Potato is working good for him. It’s half the price of Taste of the Wild so it helps me out financially.  No more smell.

Look how proud he looks in the 2nd photo… he is glowing! He is back to running the ranch, he is the boss again and has put all the other males in their places. He runs like Man O’War again, plays, is happy and so am I !!! 


Patron before EPI treatment



A crazy string of events brought Layla and me together, but I’m happy that it all happened because we’re inseparable now. After Layla was diagnosed with EPI, you could say that I saved her life, but she’s brought so much joy to my family and I that I would say that life saving worked the other way around. My heart broke for her when she started losing weight, and then lost some more. I’m thrilled that she’s her old, healthy self again, and she’s actually chunkier than before the weight loss! She’s a little chunky monkey!

Layla busy at the computer…..

Layla with best buddy, Jack

Layla with her mom, Stephanie 



Geralda’s Sirius back in June 2009 

And a super-sized, super-happy Sirius today,  February 2013 

We were much luckier than many with EPI dogs—my vet was familiar with the condition and a good friend’s GSD had had EPI.  Also, Olesia’s article in “The Whole Dog Journal” was published only a month or so prior to his diagnosis; I used it as a bible for the first year or so.  Sirius was diagnosed at 11 mos., after he had lost 7 pounds in about a month.  My friend had leftover enzymes after her dog had died, which she donated to Sirius.  He improved immediately with enzymes, and I then switched to Diane’s enzymes with no problem.  He disliked the mushy food, so I attempted to change him over to Creon on several occasions, but he did not do well consistently.  We did not initially test his B12 levels, but found them to be very low (<200) after he became more aggressive and developed tics, in early 2011.  He did not maintain his B12 levels with the TAMU protocol, so switched him to the special oral B12 with the intrinsic factor, which has worked well.  Since I found a grain-free food that he really likes (Fromm Salmon Tuna), he has done really well with Diane’s 8x enzymes, into his present chunky weight of 67 pounds. Perfect weight for him is about 62 pounds.



 This is Katrina’s Quantum from New Zealand… amazing example of EPI recovery (and Chunky Monkey status) ….. Quantum just won 

(Drum Roll Please!) the 2012 New Zealand (presented March 2013)

(An amazing accomplishment)



Nancy’s Hope was diagnosed on March 1st 2012 with EPI at 11.3 lbs…… Now on October 22, 2012, Hope is truly a   Chunky Monkey at 16.2 lbs and doing great!

(sadly Hope passed away from another complication on March 2, 2013…. but she fought and won her battle with EPI)

This is HOPE cruising in her Harley Davidson duds …..

 and HOPE relaxing !