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Before & After

The journey to effective EPI management

Before and After pictures of EPI dogs

Although the diagnosis of EPI can seem like a dire and heart-wrenching disease to deal with, please know that there are many successful EPI management stories. The following pictures are pictures of our members from this website of their EPI dogs….posted with their permission… check back often as more pictures are constantly being added …


Rutger, a Doberman,  was a haunting 42 lbs in this picture in December 2008 when EPI was first suspected. He just wanted to lie down all the time........  With proper treatment Rutger went up to 55 llbs..... what a difference proper treatment can make in a mere 4...

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This is Archie, a German Shepherd Dog who weighed in at an appalling 37 lbs at the shelter...fostered by one angel named Cheryl and adopted by forever angels named Gretchen & 7 months.....under the wonderful care and love of Gretchen & Brian......

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This is Christopher's Sascha from Florida when she was first diagnosed with EPI on 2/23/11 @ 40lbs. (day one of enzymes) and this is Sascha 1 month later!  on 3/22/11 @ 52lbs. 12 lbs heavier !!!  

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This is Bronson, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just prior to EPI diagnosis on February 3, 2011 ...and then one month later, March 1, 2011, after being properly treated for EPI.. Amazing, eh??????

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Cocco from Mexico

Cocco is our young miniature schnauzer, that was diagnosed with EPI when 4 months old, our vet gave us no hopes whatsoever telling us that there was no treatment, and that we should enjoy of our little buddy for as long as we could until his soon demise. Cocco was...

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Chuck's dog Bryce  Oct 6, 2011 .....the day before they started Bryce on Enzymes... Bryce was very lethargic and had dropped down to an alarming 33lbs . 5 weeks later on Nov 12, 2011,  Bryce has gained weight and is back to acting normal and enjoying life with her...

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I know how daunting it is and how helpless you feel when you hear the word EPI.. and even then the mountain you need to climb with your furkid to get he/she stable. Its tiring, heartbreaking, worrying & it seems when one thing is battled, another pops it's head...

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Peter's dog Schneider went from a heart-wrenching 45 lbs in April 2011 to a wonderful 82 lbs in October. His diet consists of Blue Wilderness Salmon; 1 1/3 cups x 3 daily, sprinkled with Pancrezyme Plus [changing to EnzymeDiane's as soon as the current supply is...

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One of the tiniest EPI dogs...... Lynda's Boo at 2lbs just prior to EPI Diagnosis   ... nothing but skin and bones ...nobody thought she would make it.......       Lynda's Boo today... 6 months later...... a happy healthy and frisky 3.6 lb little girl!    

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