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Before & After

The journey to effective EPI management

Before and After pictures of EPI dogs

Although the diagnosis of EPI can seem like a dire and heart-wrenching disease to deal with, please know that there are many successful EPI management stories. The following pictures are pictures of our members from this website of their EPI dogs….posted with their permission… check back often as more pictures are constantly being added …


Phil's Trixie  and her 8 month EPI journey captured in pictures .... Trixie: 2 year old corgi/terrier/lab mix.  Dropped 10 pounds over 4 months, finally diagnosed with EPI June 20th.  Lowest weight: 15lbs.  Goal: 25lbs.  Currently: 23lbs

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Katie's Coco...... only a mere 2lbs when first diagnosed with EPI.....8 years ago!  Coco, our miniature dachshund, was dropped off at San Diego Animal Control by her former owner who could no longer afford to care for her.  Her vet had run a variety of tests to figure...

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This is Linda's 12 year old dog, Spanky on the day he was first diagnosed with EPI, and started on the EPI treatment (August 3rd, 2012). and this is Spanky now on October 20th, 2012. He's been holding steady at this weight for about three weeks and he's now eating the...

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Cheryl's Gabi who has EPI + IBD and also had a terrifying episode of bloat in the midst of dealing with EPI + IBD....... This is Gabi in October 2010 at 52lbs : .... and this is Gabi one year later, October 2011 at 70lbs: Gabi is 5 years old today (Jan. 31st, 2012)...

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Rilind, the rescue dog .....please follow his amazing story on his very own FaceBook page . His wonderful Foster family & Rescuers have done an amazing job giving Riliand a 2nd chance... please take a...

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Jewels.... Ashley's terrier.... Jewels was really struggling when first diagnosed with EPI in June 2011 But once Jewels was properly diagnosed AND started on the proper treatment for EPI she started improving.... 5 months later, November 2011.. we are thrilled to see...

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This is Pandy, only 13 lbs when first diagnosed.    This is Pandy a year later after treatment, at 26 lbs!

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This is a picture of Dixie at 37 pounds in August 2008! And this is a picture of Dixie at 63 pounds in January 2009 Dixie is a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd Dog from South Carolina.  These pictures are courtesy of her mom Melissa to share with others and to give hope...

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Yama the Akita

The pictures below are of Yama, a pure-bred Akita dog. Yama was diagnosed in 2008 at 4.5 years old with EPI. As you can see from the picture, Yama's owner, Marty, just about lost all hope. But with enzyme treatment and a change in diet to a no-grain food ...within six...

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