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4/06/10 – 18/02/22

We first met Kenzie in her beautiful mother, Rhanis, tummy. We actually met her as a two week old precious bundle, and then twice more before bringing her home. She grew into a beautiful and wonderful dog, our world. Her EPI never really bothered her, she just got on with it. She filled our lives with such joy and love, life will be so empty without her. We are both photographers so she got used to seeing the camera come out. There are so many photos of her around everywhere in our home. One day at a time now – the tears will stop at some point, but our hearts will remain broken for an age. We have never had children, we were both career military, she was our child when we left the military. It all happened so fast, I believe that is meant to be better but, it does not feel like that, it is shocking and overwhelming and so painful. She was my shadow. Actually thinking about it now, in the last week’s she would come and lay at my side of the bed in the early hours, that was not the norm, perhaps she knew and wanted to be close and comfort me as well as let me stroke her in the dark moments before dawn.

So much pain and tears now she has gone but it will never outweigh the love and the joy she brought. 
Forever in our hearts, FIona and Mac