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6/7/2008 to 12/17/2020

Sadie came to me at almost 3 years old in May 2011 after her previous owner (my boss) passed away and she started to develop symptoms. Our vet at the time just told us that her pancreas levels were very low.  I did some research on it and found the EPI4Dogs website.  It was a life safer for us. I immediately started ordering Enzymes Diane gave her grain free kibble and B12 capsules.  She wasn’t officially diagnosed until I sent her bloodwork to Clemson University for a study being done on January 2014.  Sadie earned her wings due to cancer, but her EPI was stable to the end.  She was the best little girl I could ever have, a “Once in a Lifetime Heart” dog. She was so smart, and she made me laugh all the time. We did everything together and I met some amazing people through her. I truly miss her so much!! ☹

Thank you EPI4 Dogs, you were a god send!! 
Thank you for everything you’ve done!