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We are heartbroken and devastated to share that we had to say goodbye to our sweet baby boy Beau, on January 28 2021. We noticed something was wrong only 7 days after he was home, at 8 weeks old. The next year and a half was filled with too many vets, specialists, testing, medicines, and countless sleepless nights and tears. I owe the time we did get with him to Epi4Dogs, if it wasn’t for this group, I truly believe we would have had to say goodbye much sooner, with less answers. Unfortunately it was too little, too late – his little body was exhausted and we assume he started having seizures due to liver failure. Though most of his life was filled with pain, he always tried to put on a brave face and had the sweetest soul, he was my heart dog.

But towards the end, when he looked up at me, those big brown eyes had lost their sparkle and I knew he just couldn’t fight any longer. So our sweet Beau is finally at peace, free from the pain we couldn’t shelter him from, and running free with his new wings. You are missed and loved every single moment, sweet baby. God speed, my sweet Beau.

Forever in our Hearts,
Andrea & Chad