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We adopted Max for companionship and also his bark.  Our house had been broken into.  Well, I can count on one hand how many times I heard Max bark.  He could, but just didn’t.  We were told he would be around 40 lbs.  By a year old he was 65 lbs.  By year 2, he was 35 lbs. and we were worried sick.  I went on line and found this group.  You were a lifesaver for him and me.  We got him tested and medicated, and within a year he was back up to 65 lbs.  We had good times and bad times with EPI, but mostly he was fine.

Our children are grown up and out of the house, so Max was almost like a child: a precocious child. He certainly kept my husband and me young. He was very active and loved people.  He was so smart, but only did what he wanted.  He knew how to “sit” and every other command, but if you didn’t have something he wanted, forget it.  He’d chew up your shoe in a heartbeat.  He loved to cuddle and we loved it, too.

September 2020, he started getting sick.  The veterinarian said his organs were shutting down.  We fought this sickness for about a week, but he looked so sad.  He could not get up in his chair, and he couldn’t go for a walk.  We had to make a difficult decision, but had to think of him first.

We will miss him forever.  What a character he was.  We all love you Max. Forever in our Hearts                                                                                                                                   4/15/12 – 9/26/20