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We have lost our precious Eva, our little Maltese Terrier, she went to doggy heaven on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at 2pm. We are all beyond heart broken.
Eva would have been 11 on 25th March, she developed EPI at three years old when we noticed she had developed a ferocious appetite and was pooing way more than normal. Very quickly she lost 2kg, exactly half her body weight. Her vet at the time had various theories and remedies for the changes but nothing seemed to help Eva.

I was desperate for help. My friend went online and stumbled across Olesia’s EPI4DOGS website. She told me to take a look as it sounded exactly like what Eva had.

I was shaking reading it as it was a life long illness and seemed so complicated to treat, but I had to admit it sounded like Eva ticked all the boxes.

I printed off some pages to show the vet who didn’t seem to agree with any of it. I decided to call round other veterinary practices to explain my desperation and I came across Carol, an amazing vet willing to listen and read and work with Eva and myself. She did the TLI blood test, B12 test and other tests she thought appropriate. EPI was confirmed. She was started on Lypex immediately. It was daunting. She also had lots of allergies so had to be on a prescription diet. She could tolerate a tiny piece of boiled chicken breast, only enough to wrap the enzymes in. I kept a diary of her poos, scoring them 1 to 5 so as I could tweak the enzymes/ food. The EPI website was my bible alongside Carol the vet. It took nine months to stabilize my Eva and eventually got her back to her 4kg weight. She was an EPI survivor, and we were so happy and proud of her fighting spirit.

So for eight years she ran the house! I swear she understood English, well Scottish actually! She got fed her 32 grams of food with her half of lypex twice a day. SHE told US when it was time to be fed! We didn’t need a clock! She pushed the box about the floor that held her lead and poo bags when she wanted a walk, she barked at one cupboard if she wanted one treat and barked at the other if she wanted a different one! She would choose which toy she wanted you to play with, be it her tug rope, her red mr man or her little red devil, she knew every one of them by name. Although she was bossy, cheeky and feisty she was soooooo loving. She loved us all equally, but was definitely a mummy’s girl and wasn’t embarrassed to show more affection to me than others!    


I think nursing her back to health from the onset of EPI formed a special bond between us which could never be broken.

Sadly Eva developed diabetes three weeks ago, alongside other complications, it was going to be impossible to treat her without a lot of suffering for Eva, with virtually no chance of a good outcome.

With much soul searching and a very heavy heart we made the decision to put her to sleep. Carol the vet was so gentle and patient with her on the day, and she slept away in my arms with my son and daughter either side. She was looking into my eyes, listening to me intently like she always did, we told her what a beautiful little angel she was and always would be. She kissed my nose, my last kiss.

I’ll never forget you Eva x                                                            

Thank you Olesia, Izzy and all EPI mums and babies for all your help and guidance in the last eight years, we couldn’t have done it without you. Much love and best wishes to you all x