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October 10, 2010 ~ September 14, 2018

Dear Browny , 

You came into my life and changed everything about me and flew away once you knew I could manage on my own. You were everything to me, my friend , my philosopher, my teacher , my guide and my darling daughter .You knew that I loved you more than anything else in this world. And I know that you loved me very much too. Your memories will stay with me in my heart and in my mind till I fade away. Until I see you again, will keep you safe in my heart and cherish the life we had together.Miss you very much.


How much one little dog can impact one’s life………………the following is from Browny’s caregiver, Dr. Vishnupriya 

“I have another adopted gal Patricia who is two years old. She came just three months before Browny passed away. So twas as if Browny left her with me and flew away . Patricia had a fractured tibia fibula hind leg and was found on my road (I used to feed her since she was a pup). So I rushed her to a private hospital where they did three surgeries and sadly it messed up her leg. It came to a point where her leg literally had to be amputated . i then rushed her out of that place and took her to Govt veterinary hospital where they also said the leg had to be amputated. But I pleaded with them to give her a chance. And then I took her into my house. By Gods Grace we saved her leg after months of treatment and now she’s walking on it. I have a cat Lily too?  They’ve all come into my life a few months before Browny passed away.

I’ve been feeding  homeless dogs on my street and the cats around my house for the past few years. I sterilize the females, vaccinate, treat minor injuries, and if they really need help, i then take them to the hospital . All this started after Browny came into my life. Lots and lots more things happened to me after she came into my life and that is why she is an angel. The Guardian Angel to our family!”