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Kadan vom Treu
July 17, 2008 – October 2, 2018

Our “baby girl” came home with us at the age of 8 weeks. When she arrived at the house she was greeted by her new older sister, Cassie, a 20 lb mixed terrier rescue from NC. Cassie was four at the time and I always thought it was nice for them to grow old together. It didn’t take long for them to become BFFs.

Just shy of Kadan’s first birthday she was diagnosed with EPI. I’ll always be very grateful to her vet who had the knowledge to have her tested right away for EPI. 

Once she started her treatment and enzymes were added to her diet, she did a complete turn around, as if nothing had ever happened. She was just like any other pup…running, jumping, playing, chasing her tennis balls, sticks and going each day with her daddy to work.

She thrived up until the age of 7 when she was diagnosed with Perianal Abscess Fistulas, a very painful condition. We had recently relocated to a new area and her new vet started her on a 7 month treatment to help her with this condition. After 7 months, the strong medications started to cause their own set of problems. Her liver was being affected and she now had a systemic fungal infection derived from all the antibiotics.

At this point, I felt it was in her best interest to stop the treatment of these harsh drugs and start using a holistic treatment approach, instead. I also changed what kind of foods were going into her gut. It was a good decision for her.

I spent much more time caring for her myself with the holistic approach. Almost every night for the past 2 years, I would lay down her sheet on the floor with her supplies nearby and let her know I was ready to take care of her. Without fail, including the night she passed away, she would follow me into the room and lay down on the sheet so I could take care of her. I promised her I would never give up on her. I cherish the trust she gave me and the bond we had together.  If it made her feel better, I was willing to spend as much time with her as she needed. Being with her, made me feel better, too.  She was a great listener and even tolerated when I’d sing to her. We were both getting our dose of therapy.

Approximately one year ago, our baby girl, was to be diagnosed with yet another medical problem. This time it was hypothyroidism. She was started on thyroxine and returned to her normal, loving, happy self.

Through all these ailments, she was unbelievably kind, gentle and loving. Not a mean bone in her (special needs) body.  She was such a good girl. Always trying to please us.

It was a Sunday night, late, when she started having problems. The next day, we took her to the vet and he reminded us of her age and the ailments she’s endured over the years. He didn’t know if it was her time, but he didn’t think it would be wise to put her through a battery of tests.  We agreed and took her home.

During the week, we could tell she wasn’t herself. In hindsight, I now know she was showing us signs she was getting ready to leave this earth. I prayed for God to give her peace and he mercifully answered my prayer.  He was preparing us. We just weren’t ready to give up hope. It was a gut wrenching, heart breaking, and humbling experience to watch our beautiful baby girl take her last breath.

Cassie is 14 now and there’s no doubt she’s missing her BFF, Kadan. It’s just as sad for her. We’ve found more walks helps all of us with our grief.

We thank God for bringing her into our lives. We were given the gift of her love, trust, devotion, companionship and joy for over 10 years. Our sweet, loving, gentle, beautiful, baby girl, Kadan is free from illness or ailments. She can swim and chase her tennis balls and sticks.  I need to believe this and I need to believe we will see her again. Baby Girl, you will be in our hearts, our souls and our minds, until that time.

We love you, baby girl. Always have. Always will.

Lisa & Jay Murray