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Patron (Aneto del Viejo Paramo) 12/4/2009 – 3/6/2018 

My magnificent Spanish Mastiff Patron went over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this month. This giant dog in both stature and in presence, was such a blessing and a gift to live with. He came to me from Spain. When he reached about three years old, the EPI began. After many false leads and wrong diagnosis, a vet finally found what was wrong with him. With enzyme therapy he came back to his old self, and blossomed. He ruled my pack of livestock guardian dogs here on my small ranch with my sheep and cattle. He was unique, even for the breed, with a wonderful personality. Through social media and the Internet he helped educate people about EPI and served as a beautiful ambassador for not just his breed, but for what can be done to save a dog diagnosed with EPI. He leaves a huge gap here that will never be filled. Rest in peace, big guy, vaya con dios…..Mom Brenda