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Sweet Little Winter

Winter had bad urine infection in February vet thought after tests it was Diabetes Insipidus. Then, the bad poop started  just thought she had eaten something but it got worse I was going every week to check her urine telling the vet she was pooping about 8 times day and night, showed them photos of the poop, did more tests all clear. Finally went on Internet with symptoms up comes epi4dogs. I went to vets asked for cTLI test he said she was wrong breed but it came back positive epi ,I became a member and was really grateful for all the advice given as I was so scared for Winter especially when she shed the lining of the bowel then I really panicked!!!!  Well, now I have to cut her food down as she has reached 7.67kg the most she has ever weighed, she is a tiny Cavalier King Charles. I know we might have setbacks but at the moment I am so happy that she is doing so well. Still problem with urine but that is another story. 

Winter’s mom, Carole