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Tripp (American Staffordshire Terrier) in February 2013 weighing 10 lbs. at 6 mos.  He had a broken leg and pelvis from abuse, yeast infection from ear mites and demodetic mange.  He was diagnosed in May and began treatment with antibiotic, B12 and enzymes.

October 2013 – 14 mos. old and weighs 46 lbs.  All prior injuries and infections healed.  He is a happy and playful boy now.  Still on Enzymediane and B12.  His ideal weight is about 40 – 45 lbs.  He has been cut from 4 cups of kibble a day to 3 cups of kibble a day.  Thankfully, no SIBO since July.

The last picture is my favorite of him.

Tripp and his mommy are forever grateful to Olesia, epi4dogs, Enzymediane and Dr. Snell.

~Barbara… owned by Tripp~