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Hess was diagnosed with EPI in 2007 when his weight dropped from 45kg (100lbs) to 33kg (72lbs).  With the right help he recovered and was back up to around 42/43kg which he maintained.  I am one of the lucky ones with an ‘easy’  EPI.  His slide to the dark side happened in August 2013 when he suffered a gastric torsion and needed emergency surgery. I almost lost him but he came through and did good although his weight dropped to 40kg.  With the help of this fantastic site, epi4dogs,  we got him back up to 43kg when he was deemed fit enough to undergo a second operation in October for a gastropexy to ‘fix’ his stomach. Which was very successful. 

Unfortunately these operations put his gut into overdrive and it took from October till now, March 2014 to get it under control and  get Hess gaining weight to the point that he is now back to his pre EPI weight.

The vet thinks he is too fat but I am reluctant to put him on the dreaded D (diet) word.  He drops weight so quickly I want to keep something in reserve!!

He will be 9 in June and is happy, healthy and fat!!  I now call him my Chunky Monkey!